AOTM: Jeffrey Lin

Frances Wu, Asst. News Editor

Senior Jeffrey Lin is the perfect example of a successful high school athlete; while many students find it difficult to manage both school and a sport, Lin, a year-round athlete, has excelled in three sports while also maintaining his grades.

On the football team, he was a defensive end and offensive guard; for track, he throws shot and discus; and he was also on the wrestling team. He has been a part of these teams since his freshman year and made varsity for each team in his junior year, fulfilling one of his most significant high school goals.

“Before freshman year started, I’ve wanted to be involved with the school’s athletics and I always wanted to participate in multiple sports. After I started playing football, I just pushed myself to join other sports,” Lin said.

Recently, Lin, as the captain of the wrestling team, competed in the CIF Masters for wrestling, winning three matches in the CIF Individuals and finishing in sixth place.

In his junior year, Lin made a different impact on Diamond Bar High’s athletic program as he was named the athletics commissioner of the USB. The senior organized events like the Branding Iron Week and was in charge of creating school spirit for different sport teams.

While Lin balances both his athletic career and school, he believes that the most important thing he does outside of school is relaxing. On weekends, Lin can be found alleviating the pressure by hanging out with his friends. He believes that it was helpful when he just “pushed through” and maintained an upbeat attitude.

Some of his favorite memories of high school involve his closest friends. “Just whenever all my friends came to support me at my games or matches. It was even better when I won,” Lin said.

To the senior, the most important people in his life are his family members, his group of close friends, which he has affectionately nicknamed “The Mob Squad,” and his girlfriend, Jade Chen, a DBHS class of 2014 alum.

Even though Lin is dedicated to three sports, he believes that his greatest moments are yet to come.

“I wish I could’ve done better in my sports, but looking back, I realized I did everything I could and worked as hard as I could. Knowing that, I don’t have many regrets,” Lin explained.

And while Lin has conquered high school and can now look back, he has set his sights on his next challenge: college. Lin aspires to be a doctor, and plans to major in pre-med, although he is still undecided on what college he will attend.

Many high school athletes come from an athletic background and already have experience from being on different sports teams as a child, but Lin actually only started playing sports in high school.

“I never played on any teams [when I was younger] but I had always been curious and wanted to start,” Lin said.

The athlete feels as though he has gained a lot from sports, including life lessons, and he has a lot of advice for aspiring athletes.

“Don’t give up on anything, always have fun with whatever you’re doing, and always give it your best effort because looking back and having regrets isn’t something you want to live with,” Lin said.