Treading Through A Rough Rookie Season

James Kil, Asst. Sports Editor

Although the Diamond Bar boys varsity water polo team will end the first season with a losing record, the Brahmas did the best to help pave the way for a more solid water polo program.

“The coaching staff is excited about how far we have come since our first practice in June and we are excited about the future of Diamond Bar water polo,” coach Alexander Matal said.

After all the effort and time the Brahmas’ invested since June, it was not enough to beat most of the teams in the Palomeres League. Even after suffering from brutal losses, the Brahmas gave an unrelenting effort. As of Monday, the boys only won four games.

“The coaching staff has noticed the mental toughness that all our student-athletes have during our practices and games. They have a no-quit mentality,” Matal said.

Compared to other teams, the Brahmas do not possess experience. Skill and teamwork are important to the game, but, experience is also as equally important. The Brahmas are capable to put up a good fight but the lack of experience in the pool holds them back.

“As the team continues to practice and develop, their knowledge and skill set will continue to grow,” Matal said.

The players usually go through a 20-minute overview of the game they just played. They go through the things they did well, then talk about what skills they need to work on.

In order to push the Brahmas for success, changes will need to occur for next season. During the offseason, Matal will be periodically changing up the practices so that it matches the skill level of the Brahmas.

“As the student-athletes learn and master the fundamental skills needed to play this sport, the degree of difficulty of the practices will continue to increase. We have only touched the surface of the necessary skills needed to play water polo,” Matal said.

The goal for the next season is to improve their skills as well as gain experience. Winning league is not a major concern with the coaches until the team is more competent to win games.

“We hope to build on the foundation and successes we have achieved during our first season and continue on establishing a strong program here at Diamond Bar High School, both academically and athletically,” Matal said.