Thrilling double OT

Thrilling double OT

James Kil, Contributing Writer

Despite two overtimes, the contest between the Diamond Bar boys soccer team and rival Walnut Mustangs on February 14 ended in a tie 1-1. But it was enough to secure the Brahmas the Hacienda League Champions for the third consecutive year in a row.

“I actually think we played a fantastic game. I thought anyone who knows the game of soccer should know that we completely controlled the game,” coach Kemp Wells said

For the first half of the game, the ball just went back and forth across the field. Both teams tried scoring, but could not break through each other’s defense. After the slow start, junior Guy Horcasitas gave an assist to senior co-captain Kelly Craft, who made the goal after the ball bounced off the post, putting the Brahmas up 1-0 during the second half. A few minutes later, the Mustangs dribbled the ball up the Brahma’s end of the field and shot the ball through the Brahmas’ defense and scored tying the game, 1-1.

Throughout the game, the Brahmas’ backline played excellent defense and kept the ball on the Mustang’s end of the field for most of the game.

Toward the end of the first overtime, the Brahmas had another chance to score and win the game, but time ran out and they were forced to try again during the next overtime. In the second overtime, the Mustangs were also close to scoring, but missed the opportunity and ended the game on a tie.

The boys soccer team had a great season this year, going 8-2-2 and winning the league again.

“Just winning it one time is a tremendous feeling, but to have won it three times in a row is just a sign of how dedicated our team is,” junior Andrea Gamboa said.

The Brahmas will have to focus harder as they head into the second round of the CIF playoffs after defeating Hemet 5-1 on Feb. 20.

“Winning a ton of games, winning the ring,” Wells said about the team’s goals.