The Parking Spot: The Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Debate

Joseph Park, Editor-In-Chief

You put two of the greatest boxers of this generation and you got yourself one heck of a match. If ever to happen, a Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao match will go down as the biggest, baddest, and most anticipated boxing event in history.

As Mayweather is scheduled to take on Marcos Maidana in September and Pacquiao scheduled to take on Chris Algieri in November, this only leaves room for 2015 for the mega dream fight.

The Pac-man is ready for Mayweather. Mr. Money Mayweather isn’t quite on the same page, avoiding this much desired fight at all costs.

But why is a 47-0 undefeated champion avoiding a fight? Simply put, 47-1.

“I have been lucky to have reached this point in my career, and undefeated. Losing all of that to someone who is in desperate mode right now is a scary thing,” Mayweather admits.

If I was to retire a boxer, I wouldn’t want to be crowned an undefeated Hall-of-Famer who avoided a match to keep a winning streak. And on top of that, Mayweather would be favored in the match so I really don’t know why he is chickening out on this fight; this is only going to add to his resume and fame, 48-0. Actually, 49-0 after the win over Maidana.

I am a Pacquiao fan, don’t get me wrong. I mean it’s only natural to root for your fellow Asian buddy. The Filipino sensation is undoubtedly a talented and dominant boxer but nowhere in his career was he matched up against someone with an impenetrable defense to match Mayweather’s.

Let’s break down the superiority of Mayweather over Pacquiao.

Pacquiao possesses raw strength and brawn over Mayweather. Punch for punch, Pacquiao will dismantle Mayweather to the bones. But boxing isn’t just about strength; it’s a combination of many other factors that would propel Mayweather over Paquiao. Mayweather has the history and records, he has the better reach, higher weight, superior defense, and exceeding precision and accuracy in his punching. There’s a reason why Mayweather never experienced a loss, he’s just that good.

The universe, with the exception of Mayweather, wants this fight to happen. It needs to happen. This is sports and we sports fans live for moments like these. The greats facing off in a do-or-die situation, it’s just too beautiful.

Mayweather needs to suck it up and roll with the punches. This is a chance for him to up his value on his undefeated title instead of backing out like a coward.

It won’t be a blowout, however. Any boxer will have the puncher’s chance but in the end, being on the opposite side of Mayweather is just being on the ropes.

But Pacquiao has the winning mentality and attitude as of now, and that can make all the difference.