Student Spotlight: Matthew Aquino


Joseph Park, Sports Editor

Lights, camera, action. Make way for Diamond Bar High School’s one and only Matthew Aquino. While being an exceptional student, Aquino is best known for his charismatic presence in drama.

Aquino’s drama-filled adventure began in middle school where he first started to develop some interest. His interest escalated in high school when he observed actors in the drama room one day during lunch. Both awed and fascinated by what he saw, Aquino could not resist joining the drama team at DB. Winning awards for “Best Young Actor” and “Best Original Script”, Aquino has established a name for himself in the history of Brahma drama. Aquino has played Willium Cubbert in “The Nerd,” Lazar Wolf in “Fiddler on the Roof,” Ken De la Maize in “Musical Comedy Murders of 1940,” and Sheridan Whiteside in the “The Man Who Came to Dinner.” Not to mention Aquino accomplished all this without any professional training.

“I’ve known him this year and he is incredibly talented. I think he can do anything. I’ve seen him in the Sheridan Whiteside fall play and I think it is better than professionals that I’ve worked with,” drama teacher Beatrice Casagran said.

The one thing Aquino enjoys more than anything in drama is the exciting experience of performing on stage.

“I love drama because of the rush of just being on stage and making people laugh and feel what you feel on stage. It’s the adrenaline when you are up on stage,” Aquino said.

The day Aquino set foot in the drama room, he set foot in his new home. With such a supporting group of friends, Aquino does not view drama as a difficulty, although it is time-consuming with his AP-packed schedule. Aquino is currently taking AP U.S. History, Calculus BC, Spanish III Honors, Advanced Drama, AP English Language Composition, and AP Chemistry.

“My biggest challenge would be time, other than that, I love doing it and it is a really fun thing for me. I look forward to doing it so I don’t really view it as a difficulty. I would say this is my home, if I need anyone to turn to, it is these people right here,” Aquino said.

Such success comes from hours of practice. Aquino practices whenever he gets the chance, rehearsing over and over again whenever he is alone or even in the shower. He feels as if practicing when you are alone brings out the best in you. Aquino learns a lot from just attending drama class and learning from elders. Subsequently, Aquino admits his success is greatly contributed to his peers, his family.

“Everyone in drama is my role model. They inspire me and we inspire each other,” Aquino said.

With everyone helping each other out, Aquino feeds off the support he gets from the team. He plans to continue and finish his high school career in drama. Although Aquino does not plan on taking his acting to a collegiate level, he still plans on doing it as a hobby.

In his hectic, yet enjoyable high school life, Aquino manages to fit in other hobbies such as basketball, golf, and piano. “I like to play basketball with friends and just let loose,” Aquino said.

The most rewarding thing Aquino finds in drama is the sense of accomplishment he gets when the red curtain closes.

“People come up to you and say you did good. It’s all worth it at the end. For me, just being on stage with friends is very rewarding,” Aquino said.