Spending Summer Across the World


During the summer months, most students opt for summer school or SAT classes; this is the norm for incoming juniors and Diamond Bar High School students in general. However, a few students chose to pack their bags and travel before the dreaded school year starts.

Eager to make an impact in different communities, incoming senior Eunice Yang recently ventured for volunteer work. “My aunt helped me find a volunteer program in Fiji called Rustic Pathways,” Yang said.

Rustic Pathways gives volunteers an opportunity to work at a women’s shelter and to teach at the local schools. The trip lasted for 10 days, and during that time, Yang gained new friends and new experiences.

“My favorite part of the trip was teaching the local students,” Yang said. While helping at the schools, she educated the students about art, teaching them about different colors, shapes, and lines of symmetry. At the local women’s shelter, Yang along with the other volunteers, cooked and served food.

10518908_802482986452785_1537774393_nDespite the hard work, the only obstacle she encountered was the weather. “It’s supposed to be winter there, but it’s really hot and humid,” Yang said. After a day of teaching students and helping the women’s shelter, the volunteers had spare time for relaxing, and Yang and the other volunteers explored Fiji Island through hiking and island hopping.


Summer is also the perfect time to visit family members who are not so close by. As someone who travels often, senior Sasha Rivera tries her best to return to Russia during the summer and has been doing so since she was just a year old.10385486_4219314898501_7777127822227790542_n

“What I love about Russia is that I can see my grandma and my aunt,” said Rivera, who serves as an assistant editorial editor for the Bull’s Eye. Aside from just visiting family, Rivera has been making the most out of her stay in the country’s immensely cultured atmosphere, from visiting Vyborg to watching an opera in St. Petersburg.

The Mikhailovsky Theater, located in Russia’s second largest city, St. Petersburg, is where Rivera has seen many ballet performances over the past years. However, this summer was her first time seeing an opera at the theater.

Rivera enjoyed watching the Italian opera dubbed “Love Potion” with her family. Although amidst the cold, frigid weather in St. Petersburg, Rivera was still able to enjoy the performance nonetheless.

“The opera was long, but beautiful and entertaining,” said Rivera.

During her stay, she also visited the historical city of Vyborg. The city is filled with castles, ruins, and cathedrals, thus making it the perfect tourist attraction. While roaming the streets of Vyborg, Rivera was able to see the remains of a Dominican monastery and most significantly the Vyborg Castle.

10515739_833771526634903_1255591147_oTo top off, she also took a cruise to Sweden, Finland, and Estonia, touring a major city in each country. “My favorite part of the trip was arriving at new cities every day,” Rivera said. “All of them were very beautiful and amazing.”

Yet despite the breathtaking scenery in each country, the Swedish city of Stockholm was one that stood out to Rivera, mainly for its eco-friendly approach. Stockholm is home to many recycling programs, one of which offers clean water supplies for residents. In addition, cars, especially taxis, use environmentally friendly fuel such as biodiesel.

Although Rivera’s stay in Russia is coming to an end, she genuinely hopes to return to her family in the near future. “I try to go every other summer; Russia has always been my second home.”