Single and Well-Read

Lilly Ball, Contributing Writer

You can always tell February is approaching by the increasing number of cheesy heart-shaped chocolate boxes and love-professing cards you see at Target. If you find yourself at home eating large tubs of ice cream and watching “The Vow” on repeat, it’s time to try something new this Valentine’s Day. Read a book and stop crying over Channing Tatum! Some whirlwind romances will keep your woes off your mind.

“Innocence” by Dean Koontz is the story of two recluses who meet by chance and form a profound bond. The novel follows of an outsider Addison Goodheart, a boy who must hide his appearance under any cost, and his chance meeting with the beautiful Gwyneth, who cannot stand to be touched. After a night of absolute terror, they find something in one another that they have never found before. Though their undeniable restrictions hold them back, their relationship grows deeper by every page. Their tragic lives start to find hope, because they now have one another. “Innocence” is a dark fairytale full of thrilling suspense, plot twists, and just the right amount of eternal love.

The Princess Bride
The old but colorful novel, “The Princess Bride,” written by William Goldman combines adventure, comedy, and romance all into one entertaining story. The fantasy tale of the romance Buttercup and her “farm boy” Westley share has been breaking hearts since 1973. The story follows the two lovers after their separation, and the eccentric characters that they meet along the way to their reunion. It has every element of a classic Disney princess movie, but with a little more edge. Read it for the laughs and the charm, and then read it again because you have fallen hopelessly in love with Westley.

The Time Traveler’s Wife
“The Time Traveler’s Wife” is the story of Henry DeTamble and his wife Clare. They share an enduring love that is challenged by only one thing—Henry’s uncontrollable ability to time travel. Henry first meets Clare in his 20s at the library, which is the opening scene of the story. Henry has no idea who Clare is, but she has known him her whole life. They fall in love, and despite the challenge caused by Henry’s erratic time traveling, they get married. Afteward, Henry visits Clare at different times in her life, long before he first met her, which is why Clare knew him that day in the library. Though he leaves her many times in their relationship due to his sporadic time traveling, Clare always waits for him. This novel is a poignant love story that will stay with you long after you have read it. Crying is mandatory, you have been warned!