Setting Up For The Next Season

James Kil, Asst. Sports Editor

The Diamond Bar High School girls varsity volleyball team, with their eyes on the CIF Southern Division, were not able to overcome a key injury to reach their goal this season.

Freshman star Alex Diaz, was out the last four games of the season due to two fractures in her ankle. Two weeks ago, the doctor told her she would be able to play in the Glendora High School game, but after the game, she returned to the doctor to discover the fractures.

With three games left in the regular season, the Lady Brahmas were tied for third with Bonita High School. Unfortunately, DB lost to South Hills High School and Claremont High School last week, giving the CIF spot to Bonita.

“It all comes down to preparation and how they are in practice. Execution is always number one on the list,” Weihert said.

With the arrival of Weihert at DB in August, he did not have as much time to prepare his girls for the season compared to the other schools that start during the month of May or June. He had to go through the process of holding try-outs again and coaching both the junior varsity and varsity teams at the same time. Because of this, Weihert started to practice during the last week of August.

“There was not a lot of time to really prepare so I tried to make everything work,” Weihert said.

During the upcoming off season, Weihert plans to condition the Lady Brahmas so when May comes around, the players will be a lot stronger.

“If the girls work really hard and do everything that I am asking them to do in the offseason, it is just going to benefit them way more and we will be so much farther ahead than we are this year, where we were lagging behind,” Weihert said.

The coach plans to hire a junior varsity coach and an assistant varsity coach for next year. He will have JV and frosh practice at the same time so that during varsity practice, Weihert will have three other coaches to help improve the team for the upcoming season.

“There will be a lot of changes made just because I will have more time, but nothing too out of the ordinary where it is unfamiliar for the girls,” Weihert said.

Weihert looks forward to the Lady Brahmas winning league and qualifying for CIF. He also hopes that they will maintain a winning record.

“We had a rocky start, but I think that we did okay. I think we could have done better, but we played our hardest. I think that our team lacks chemistry but we are still trying to find it,” junior and captain Morgan Dempsey said.