Instructional Dean leaves district for new job

Emily Wong, A&E Editor

Once a Brahma, always a Brahma.

This will hold true for Instructional Dean Julian Rodriguez, who will be leaving the district for his new job as Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum for the Chino Valley Unified School District. Rodriguez was offered this position on June 8.

Although he is the current principal for the Mt. SAC Summer School held at Diamond Bar High School and Instructional Dean for English Language Arts during the regular school year, his last day at DBHS will be June 26. English teacher Robby Jung will succeed Rodriguez as the new summer school principal. Meanwhile, the school will be looking at prospective applicants to fill the dean position.

“Every single day there is something new. I’m going to miss the unexpected surprises,” the dean stated. Rodriguez has worked at DBHS for 13 years, nine as a teacher and four as a dean. He will start his new job at Chino Valley Unified on July 1.

In his new position as Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum, he will be responsible for the curriculum of five middle schools and five high schools in the Chino Valley district. He will also be working at the district office instead of on a school campus. This will be an adjustment for Rodriguez, who has been constantly in touch with students.

“[What] I’m going to miss most is going into classrooms and working with students,” Rodriguez said.

As for any advice to the upcoming dean, Rodriguez suggests to frequently interact with the faculty and students.

“Get out on the classroom as much as you can and see what great learning is going on all the time,” the dean advised.

In retrospect, Rodriguez is proudest of the implementation of Common Core. Citing the teamwork of the teachers, he is satisfied with the school’s adjustment to the new standards.

“At the core of whatever I’m at, I’ll always be a Brahma,” Rodriguez said.