Restaurant Review: UrthCaffe


Michelle Ki, Asst. Feature Editor

Ever since it became a hangout spot for many celebrities, UrthCaffe has been a popular attraction in Los Angeles County. With the additional hype from social media sites, I decided to try out the restaurant for myself. Initially, I didn’t think the restaurant would meet my very high expectations, but I left the café with nothing but positive impressions.

Urth 1CLocated in Pasadena, the restaurant did not have an eye-catching exterior, other than the lines that seemed to be miles long.  I knew the café was well-known, but I didn’t expect it to be that popular, which only added on to my already high expectations.

When I finally got inside the actual restaurant, which felt like hours since the time I arrived, it was even more packed than when I first got there. The interior was beautiful; the color schemes, mostly from the tile art, were vibrant and iridescent which nicely contrasted with the classic cherry wood furniture. The whole café reminded me of a vintage Hispanic church, one you would witness in a cultural documentary. I grabbed an outdoor seat, and the environment added onto the very natural mood that the café provided.

There was a 20 minute wait for the food, but it was all worth it when I got a bite out of the Urth Quesadilla, with decadent grilled chicken and a lightly melted Monterey Jack cheese sandwiched in a spinach-flour tortilla. In addition, black beans, guacamole, and salsa were served as sides.Urth 3C

Visually, the food was very colorful and bright which was a huge plus. I am usually very sensitive about cheesy dishes, but the quesadilla was a clear exception. The cheese was not overpowering at all, as it blended together with the taste of the chicken and tortilla.

The tortilla was light and crisp while the filling was savory. By the taste of the dish, I could also sense that there were organic and fresh ingredients, something rarely seen in restaurants today. Although I was not a fan of salsa and guacamole, the black beans were beautifully cooked to my liking.

Urth 2CThe drink I ordered at UrthCaffe was probably my favorite part of the meal. The blended green tea boba was exceptional; I still miss and crave it to this day. The beverage had the perfect balance of tea and ice with a touch of sweetness. The boba balls were chewy and balanced the creaminess and sweetness that one should experience from this decadent substance. The color of the drink was also very appealing, as it showed off a delicate milky-green hue.

UrthCaffe is an outstanding restaurant while also being one of the few to solely serve fresh, organic foods and drinks. There is a very wide selection of food to choose from, including pastries, lasagna, and lattes. One downfall would be the cost, which was approximately $60 for three meals and three drinks.

I am not one to greatly applaud such an overpriced restaurant, so believe me when I say my experience at UrthCaffe was worth every cent. Although many times I am disappointed by overly hyped places, I can assure you that this café lives up to its hype.