Restaurant Review: The Ice Bar

Xing Yen Quek, Photo Editor

Driving down Glendora Avenue in West Covina, I almost overlooked The Ice Bar, its plain exterior is easy to miss. However, the desserts were anything but ordinary.

The Ice Bar is famous for its interesting twist to popsicles. Besides their signature items, they also carry a wide variety of ice cream, including horchata and coconut pineapple flavors. I visited The Ice Bar primarily to try out their ice popsicles. The popsicles without any toppings are $2.25 each and $3.25 with customized or house toppings. All ice creams are served in a bowl or, for an extra dollar, in a waffle cone. They are $2.25 for one scoop and $4.00 for two.

Given my extreme and semi-obsessive love for anything green tea flavored, I was immediately drawn to the Milk Green Tea Popsicle when I first glanced at The Ice Bar’s flat screen TV menu. Next on my list of “must try items” was the Korean Pear Blueberry. To my disappointment, it had sold out for the day, so I proceeded to order the rest of the popsicles on the menu: Nutella Bananas & Cream, Mango Strawberry, and Strawberry Lemonade.

I am usually not too creative when it comes to mixing and matching my food. So, I just went along with the original house toppings. Popsicles have always been one of my favorite childhood snacks. So, to see the popsicles transform into heavenly goodness with out-of-this-world toppings was fascinating.

My first bite, of course, had to be from the Milk Green Tea Popsicle. It was soft and creamy, different from the regular ice popsicle. The green tea flavor was accentuated by the green tea powder on top. Other toppings included red bean brittle, vanilla bean gel, milk powder, and fresh mochi.

My initial impression of the Nutella Bananas & Cream was that it would be too sweet to my liking. Surprisingly, this popsicle had just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess, since the banana was lodged inside the popsicle. Topped with banana chips, pie crusts, Nutella, vanilla bean, and milk powder, this popsicle truly lives by its claim as being “sweet and creamy.”

Next up was the Mango Strawberry. The colors on this cold snack were vibrant and attractive. The popsicle was decorated with mango gel, strawberry gel, fresh herbs, and Pico de Gallo powder. The fresh herbs were actually just mint leaves and the Pico de Gallo powder is a Mexican seasoning made of tomato, onion, and chili. The popsicle was a little sour but also refreshing.

Strawberry Lemonade was the last popsicle on the menu. It was covered in strawberry gel, vanilla bean gel, fresh herbs, and, interestingly, Pop Rocks. The Pop Rocks were a creative and original addition that added an extra kick to the already sour popsicle because of the frozen strawberries inside the popsicle.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Milk Green Tea and Bananas & Cream popsicle. They both had the right amount of sweetness coupled with a very smooth texture. The Mango Strawberry and Strawberry Lemonade, on the other hand, tasted just like any other fruit popsicle. However, their sour and icy elements made for a very refreshing option on a scorching summer day. Each of the popsicles had its unique flavor, so ultimately, the taste is up to personal preference. I definitely will be back to try the Korean Pear Blueberry and the many other ice cream selections The Ice Bar has to offer.