Restaurant Review: The Burger Parlor

Restaurant Review: The Burger Parlor

Sasha Rivera, Asst. Editorial Editor

Many like to joke that hamburgers are the American staple. After all, hamburgers are almost always on the menu in restaurants, with each claiming that their burgers are number one in excellence and quality. I have eaten at so many burger joints throughout my life: In n’ Out, Umami Burger, Islands, and various others; however, only one venue stood out to me in terms of flavor and atmosphere. The most exquisite hamburgers I have ever tasted are from The Burger Parlor.

The Burger Parlor, located in Fullerton on North Harbor Boulevard, seems quaint and fairly ordinary from the outside. However, this restaurant is one of Fullerton’s best hidden gems; and I discovered it completely by accident. My mom and I had been in the area searching for a place to grab dinner. We settled on good, old-fashioned burgers and walked into the restaurant.

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Stepping inside gave me a whole new perspective of the restaurant. From the window it looked like a conventional, garish, and greasy burger joint. However, the inside was actually very clean and refreshing and the décor was pleasant as well. The Burger Parlor had a carefree, hipster appearance, with very modern-looking, metal furniture and brick walls. They used a variety of warm colors like red and orange to give the restaurant a cozier atmosp11111here.

When we stood in line to order, I realized that the menu was very unique. I had expected rather banal dishes, like ordinary bacon cheeseburgers or California club sandwiches. However, the ingredients were unusual, like arugula, tomato confit, and bacon aioli. The burgers also had distinctive names such as Double Trouble, Kali, and Smokey. There were many options with customizing the burgers too, like having them made Poutine Style on a bed of fries with chili or in a burger bowl.

Since it was a Friday, I ordered that day’s special, the Turkey and Bacon Blue. It was a turkey burger with mushrooms, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onions, and blue cheese on a brioche bun. About ten minutes later, the burger was brought to my table, with a savory, dream-like aroma. I took a tentative first bite, and I swear I saw stars. The flavors exploded in my mouth. The meat was so soft and juicy, and the blue cheese oozed over my fingers. Never did I know that mushrooms and blue cheese could be such a flawless combination.

20140822_190016_1__360I had to reassure myself that the mouth-watering burger hadn’t been a one-time fluke, so I came back about a month later. This time it was a Sunday, so I ordered that day’s special, the Paris Burger. When I took a bite, I felt ecstatic. If I thought the last burger had been amazing, then this one was absolutely cosmic. It was an otherworldly clash of French and American flavors, and it was truly too delicious for words. The ingredients: tomato confit, camembert cheese, arugula, and mushrooms, made my mouth water.

Overall, The Burger Parlor definitely tickles my fancy. With a causal and relaxed atmosphere, it is the perfect place to go to after a stressful day at school. The service is prompt with only a brief waiting period for the meal, and the employees are polite and jovial. The food is on a whole other level of spectacular. If you ask me where to find the best burgers in America, my first response would definitely be The Burger Parlor.