Restaurant Review: Bageti Sandwiches

Katlyn Lee, Editor in Chief

Better known for its double-decker bus than its menu, Bageti Sandwiches is a restaurant that is perfect for those who are looking to enjoy a nice French ambiance while having a decent meal.

Even as I was walking toward the restaurant, located in a small shopping area in Diamond Bar, I could already sense that eating at Bageti would be a unique experience. The exterior consisted of a bright, antique turquoise piano with a few chairs and tables, and inside, I was welcomed with music that one might hear during the Roaring Twenties in Paris. I also noticed that there were only a few couches inside the restaurant, which meant customers had to eat outside or in the double decker bus, which was parked in close proximity.

Although there were not many options, the menu at Bageti Sandwiches has a unique fusion of French and Vietnamese food. Because there were many favorable reviews for the baguette sandwiches, I ordered a BBQ Chicken Sandwich and a Mango Mania Smoothie and made my way to the double-decker bus.

Inside the bus, I went up the stairs to the top deck and took a seat. The seats were not entirely spacious, but fairly comfortable. Each table seated four people and was nicely finished with a vase of flowers. The open windows also allowed a nice breeze to flow through the bus. In a few minutes, I saw an employee walking across the parking lot to deliver my food.

When I took the first bite into the foot-long sandwich, it was nothing short of flavorful. The chicken was covered in a mildly spicy Vietnamese bahn mi sauce, and the cilantro and thinly sliced carrots gave the meal a fresh taste. The crushed tofu inside the sandwich was also an unexpected addition, although its taste was not as distinct as the carrots and cilantro. The sandwich tasted very similar to a sandwich I might eat in a Vietnamese restaurant or at Lee’s Sandwiches.

The mango smoothie, on the other hand, was a bit bland and not sweet at all. Although I could taste the blend of fresh mangos, I thought a little more sugar could have made the smoothie a better complement to the savory sandwich.

Overall, Bageti Sandwiches may not have the most variety in their menu, but its French cafe environment is a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy a small bite with good company.