A Truly Great Gatsby Prom: Prom 2014 Review

Sasha Rivera, Asst. Editorial Editor

Ever since the release of the prom theme, Diamond Bar High students anxiously waited for May 17 to arrive. As an avid fan of “The Great Gatsby,” I too was extremely excited for prom, put on by the class of 2015. Now that the big event has past, it’s time to reflect whether the hype was well deserved.

After attending prom, I can say with certainty that the class of 2015 did a really great job. The venue, the Richard Nixon Library, was exquisite. The beautiful garden, fountain, and water pool made lovely backdrops for pictures. As the sun set, the amber light reflected on the water in a way that had couples rushing for photographs.
Staying true to “The Great Gatsby” theme, students were also given swing dance lessonson an outdoor dance floor. A live band played outdoors, giving the swing dance an authentic feel. Despite the fact that I am not a great dancer—and neither were very many others, based on all the stumbling I saw—the swing dancing was still fun. It gave everyone an opportunity to let loose and to stop worrying about constant perfection.

For those who didn’t want to dance, there were tables, chairs, and refreshments with an assortment of savory and sweet foods, and I made sure to sample the strawberries and chocolate fondue, which tasted amazing. I quickly dubbed this area of the dance the “classy” floor, due to the more mature atmosphere; this was the area that expressed that true 1920s theme.

Another outdoor attraction was the carriage ride. The line was quite long, and I finally had to give in to the pain of standing on cobblestone and take off my heels. However, the wait was worth it. Although the ride wasn’t very long, it was relaxing. The cool evening air combined with the steady clop of the horses’ hooves took me away from the bustle of the night to a feeling of serenity. After all the noise and pushing past people, the carriage was a nice escape. The peacefulness of it was mind blowing, as if I wasn’t at prom at all but in a fairy land of the past, where everyone rode horse drawn carriages.

Although the outdoor activities were entertaining, the indoor area did not tickle my fancy as much. The main dance floor was the same as in most proms:cramped, dark, and teeming with teenagers. The music was the generic dance genre that DJs usually play, and the crowd was of the usual hyped up students. On one side you had the awkward people, who jerkily swayed in their little circles with their friends. Then, the other side contained the gyrating, grinding mass, looking utterly joyous as they moved together. It was rather strange though to see this taking place in a large room filled with portraits of presidents and political figures.

The rest of the inside activities included caricatures, photobooths, and games. Now, I was rather excited to get a caricature because I’ve never gotten one before. However, I was unable to partake in this due to the ridiculously long lines, which closed at 10 p.m. Despite waiting almost 20 minutes, my friend and I were not given the card allowing us to continue to stay in line. It would have been nicer if there were more caricature artists available or if the line had been able to stay open just 30 minutes longer.

The photobooths also had long lines, but they weren’t as bad. The funny accessories provided ensured very amusing photo strips. In that same room was a pool table and an air hockey table, as well as Dance Dance Revolution. I am proud to say that I defeated my friend in the game, despite it being my first time playing it. I wish more consoles were set up so everyone could have a chance to play.

High school Prom has become a rite of passage for students, so it’s essential that the event be fantastic every year. That being said, in comparison to last year’s prom, this prom was on the same level. Both had beautiful venues, entertaining activities, and of course, rude people. While I can’t predict what next year has in store, I can still hope that DBHS will have a three-peat in fabulous, memorable proms.