PRO: Raising spirit, or raising conflict?

Frances Wu

When school becomes tedious and classes seem unbearable, rallies arrive just in time to relieve students of their stress. Rallies inspire students to enjoy school, support our different sports and performing arts groups, and join the extracurricular activities presented. Rallies have many different qualities that make them worthwhile and fulfilling, and thus should not be eliminated from the school routine.

Rallies are events that Brahmas have come to know and love, whether they are because talented students can showcase their skills or because they can spend class time being entertained. Despite the different age groups trying to outshine each other in the traditional contests, rallies are a time in which the entire school gathers to appreciate what fellow students have put together.

Some diligent students may claim that rallies are a waste of time, arguing that their IB and AP classes need every minute to stay on track. However, rallies are only 40 minutes long, which means each class is shortened by only seven minutes. Rallies take place around once every six weeks, so in the larger scope of things, the amount of time taken away from classes is insignificant.

These events can also help encourage teamwork. For example, class committees work hard to paint posters together and spend countless hours outside of school hours to decorate and set up the gym. The rallies encourage teamwork and allow them to become involved in creating something for all students to enjoy.

One may think that after a couple of years, rallies become boring and repetitive. However, with each rally, the different performing groups present something new, while the sports teams often have different members and captains to introduce. Rallies may be tradition, but that doesn’t mean that they are always the same. They can inspire students to strive beyond simply obtaining a high GPA. Students may also be intimidated to join a club or try out for a sports team and rallies can be the push that they need. Seeing the performing arts teams that have placed in national competitions, and the sports teams that have won CIF League games consistently can encourage other students to get involved in school.

Also, students can use these opportunities to learn more about school and find out about teams that they may not have known to exist.  These school-wide gatherings present a chance for distinguished groups to be acknowledged for their hard work and dedication. When the athletes of different teams introduce themselves at rallies, they give others a chance to recognize them and cheer them on. Many teams that perform at rallies have competitions and games outside of school. However, the locations and times of these competitions make difficult for students to go and support. Rallies, therefore, offer an alternative where students can see the performances at school with no effort.

Although some may argue that rallies are a waste of time and money, they are actually forms of student expression. Rallies improve our school by providing a creative outlet and are definitely worth preserving.