Organizing Your Year

Frances Wu, Asst. News Editor

As technology becomes more advanced and smartphones become more common, students should begin exploring the world of educational apps. There are a ton of useful apps out there that have been designed specifically for high school students, so here are some of the most useful ones.

30/30: One of the best free time management apps out there, 30/30 is a great start for students who want to stop procrastinating and make good use of their time. Having several different homework assignments written down at once can be intimidating, but 30/30 allows users to organize their tasks into lists and adjust the amount of time they have to complete the job. In addition to this, students can distinguish the assignments from those of other classes easily by changing the color of one class’s homework. Another minor feature is that there are also a variety of sounds and notification types that users can choose from.

Quizlet: Although Quizlet originally started as a website, a free mobile version is now available. Students can create flashcards on the go or study from pre-existing ones all while working offline. Teachers can create classes and allow students to utilize sets. This app seamlessly blends with the website, its games and short quizzes that test the user’s knowledge of the flashcard set. Users can now study anywhere and anytime without having to sacrifice ease of use or function–almost everything that users can do on the website, they can do on the app.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy, once just an online forum for tutorial videos, is now available as an app; and it has attracted new fans with great videos that clearly explain and expand on academic subjects. Before, students had to be on a computer to watch the videos, but now students can watch them on mobile devices. Part of what makes the app so successful is that it’s so organized and easy to navigate. The tutorials are concise yet thorough, and there is never any time wasted when watching the lessons. There are also sample AP questions for users to look at and try to practice with as substitutes for buying test prep books. With over 3,500 videos on any topic you can imagine, this app is great for students of all ages and classes.

WolframAlpha: This app is the encyclopedia of school topics that helps to avoid the exhaustive search online for information. Students can easily look up information through questions without having to search online and weed through unreliable sources with subjective information like Yahoo! Answers.