New League Brings Frustration to DB

Andrew Choi, Sports Editor

When the Diamond Bar High School Athletics Program joined the Palomeres League this past summer, many Brahma athletes knew that the competition was going to be tougher compared to the Hacienda League. However, who would have known that this transition would later lead to DB’s losing records and failures this season. Frustration is in the air around the program and Brahmas are feeling discouraged as the program is now experiencing a new and different kind of reality.

With the fall season coming to an end, many of the DBHS sports teams have struggled to compete against the other teams in the Palomeres League. Only the girls golf team, which recently won the CIF Southern Division title for the third consecutive year and the League Title, has found success in this competitive conference. When the Brahmas competed in the Hacienda League, many of the DB teams were considered a contender to win the league title and make the CIF playoffs. For many years, the DB’s sports teams have won numerous league titles and earned respect from other high schools in the HL.

DB has been in a disadvantage ever since the league season started. Teams like Glendora, Claremont, and South Hills high schools have been in the same conference for many years now and are accustomed to the competition level. DB, previously, was grouped with teams like Rowland, and Walnut, average teams that rarely make the CIF playoffs. It will take a few years for the DB program to adapt to this type of competitive environment.

The girls tennis and volleyball teams have both struggled to live up to their usual expectations. Girls tennis and volleyball were always considered two of the top teams of DB. However, this year, the teams could not keep up with powerhouse teams Glendora and Bonita. The players the Brahmas are against are stronger, faster, and better than the players that were in the HL. Water Polo, on the other hand, was thrown into the fire without any experience and had a rough debut season.

There are many lurking variables that could factor into the Brahmas’ poor performance in league games. Many of the DB teams had key star players injured at least once in the season. For example, the Peterson twins, co-captains of the football team, have experienced serious injuries which decreased the chances of the football team’s success. Wide receiver Kyle Peterson had a sprained ankle while quarterback Tyler Peterson suffered a concussion. But, many fans will agree that DB is just not yet ready for this type of competition.

Although the advancement from the HL to the PL led to the Brahmas being unsuccessful on the fields and the courts, this shift could turn out to be beneficial for both the DB Athletics Program and the Brahma athletes. The experience against the tough competition is going to be helpful in the development of the DB athletes as they will face powerhouse teams.

DB fans have to be patient for the next few years. There is no doubt that each of the DB sports teams is going to struggle and have losing records and only time will tell if the Brahmas will adjust to this new environment and earn back the winning tradition.