New class officers announced

Yusheng Xia, Editor in Chief

Flyers filled with memes, witty slogans, and candidate faces were scattered across school campus last week, signifying the annual campaign for class officer position in the upcoming school year. The final results were released last Friday, bringing students both new and old into school leadership positions for their respective classes.

For the class of 2017, freshman Morgan Pak was able to re-clinch her position as class president behind her strong campaign efforts that took place on school campus, Facebook, and Instagram.

“I had so much fun and learned so much, whether it be about myself or my leadership skills. I do believe being a class officer gives you the power to influence the lives of DBHS students,” Pak said.

Ameer Alameddin, Donje Lee, Austin Decambra, and Paul Bang joined Pak to create the class of 2017 officer staff with Alameddin as Vice President, Lee as Secretary, Decambra as Historian, and Bang as Social Chair.
Seeing some major changes, the class of 2016 became the only class to have a new President at the end of the week. Sophomore Rachel Hwang beat two-time president Donald Douglas after a revote on Friday broke the tie between Douglas and Hwang.

“I just remember standing in the USB room during brunch when they announced the tie. They never told us how close the votes were,” Hwang said.

Aakash Pathak, Paul Lee, Denise Rebaya, and Sooji Kim were also elected into the class of 2016 officer staff with Pathak becoming Vice President, Lee fetching Secretary, Rebaya taking Historian, and Kim repeating for Social Chair.

Unlike the others, candidates for the class of 2015 officer positions were in for a straightforward election: only one student ran for each of the five office positions. As a result, all five former officers were reelected without heavy campaigning. Daniel Chai took President for the fourth straight year while Colleen Sam,
Kyu Seo Ahn, Ruben Reyes, and Joren Francisco all maintained their respective positions of Vice President, Secretary, Historian, and Social Chair.

“Three consecutive years and re-elected for my last; being class president has changed my perspective and helped me learn. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this prestigious role,” Chai shared via Facebook.