Lindenberg wins teacher of the year

Bernard Chen, Asst. News Editor

As a performing arts instructor, Janna Lindenberg sets realistic goals and has high expectations for her students, but she was “blown away” when she was named Diamond Bar High School’s 2014 teacher of the year.

After attending DBHS years ago as a student, earning a degree in dance at Cal State Long Beach and teaching at Diamond Bar for 13 years, Lindenberg strives for success in teaching.

“I think my success is seeing my students succeed, whether that be my dance team kids at competition or even one of my beginning students getting a new step. Seeing my different students succeeding at their goals is what I feel most proud about. I do try to encourage students to take ownership and take leadership roles and create, so I think that’s what I try and do in my job,” Lindenberg said.

Nominated in the English Creative Arts department, Lindenberg was one of three candidates considered for the honor.

“I was also nominated with Mr. Alcosser and Ms. Bevans, who are amazing teachers as well, so I just figured that it was nice to be nominated in my division and that there was no way I would be teacher of the year,” Lindenberg said.

It’s not only her teaching skills that have earned her teacher of the year, but also her lively personality. Lindenberg is spirited in assisting her students and creating as many opportunities available as possible to help them succeed. For instance, she is a lot more involved with her students outside of school hours than most teachers, as her students frequently dance in rallies, concerts, and YouTube videos.

“I realize I’ve done a good job when students come back and thank me and they talk about [how] the experiences in the room have helped them through their life beyond high school. That’s when I know that I’ve succeeded… so it’s not just about dance, it’s about succeeding and finding happiness in this life,” Lindenberg said.