ISIS Plight Escalates; President Falters

Obama fails to properly attend to a national emergency.


Hanna Kang, Editorial Editor

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to watch Watter’s World, a segment on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” With that said, I was thoroughly disgusted with the latest edition, and for good reason.

For one, the interviewees were attendees of a recent conference held by the American Civil Liberties Union, a nonprofit organization that works for liberal causes, and if you have been keeping up with my articles regularly, you should by now be aware that I am conservative through and through and anything even remotely associated with ACLU is immediately on my radar.

When asked what the United States should do about Islamic State militants who have beheaded American citizens, one unidentified interviewee said this: “Nothing.” Another attendee said that ISIS should be given lawyers, while yet another compared ISIS to Christians, the very group of people the Islamic militants have committed unspeakable acts against. She went on to sympathize with the terrorist attacks against the United States, saying, “How else are they going to get our attention?”

This is madness at its peak. With an utterly incompetent president who deems ISIS as “junior varsity,” and is also unable to mount the proper response against the terrorist organization, and crazy individuals who believe they should be represented by lawyers, American influence on the world stage is headed toward a slippery slope. It is altogether absurd for the president to hope that his plan to destroy the Islamic State will manifest itself and everything will fall into place, especially when he is detached to lead and his strategies are shaky at best.

Obama’s game plan on degrading ISIS consists of two discouraging elements: a volley of airstrikes and ratcheted up rhetoric. The president must learn from past experiences and realize that airstrikes without boots on the ground will never work. Only a combination of troops on foreign soil, special forces and advocating military reform will be successful. Sans all of these components, Obama’s strategy to fight terrorism will surely blow up in his face.
What is also extremely disturbing is that Obama did little to nothing in response to the warnings of the rise of

ISIS and the imminent threat it posed to the United States. He did not stop there. In an interview with the news program “60 Minutes,” Obama blamed his intel community for his own geostrategic shortcomings, claiming they “underestimated” the situation. Obama’s “spread the wealth” ideology does him a huge disservice by revealing the rock bottom of his shoddy foreign résumé.

The president may wish to deny it, but we are at war against radicals who will not stop until their flag flies in place of ours. Wars are fought and won, and this one should be no different.