Farago Releases Music Album

Yusheng Xia, Assistant Editorial Editor

Music has always been a big part of modern day society, but while most teenagers take part in listening to their favorite songs, Diamond Bar High School senior Amber Farago takes it a step further and creates her own. Since we last spotlighted her in the December issue, Farago has achieved great heights.

In fact, Farago just released her first music video “You’re My,” on Youtube on Feb. 24. “You’re My” is one of many songs on Amber’s new music album “Sincerely Yours,” which was made available to the public on Feb. 21 through iTunes.

“The album is basically about a teenage love story. It’s centered on love and relationships and how a girl would feel when she’s in love,” Farago said.

“Sincerely Yours” consists of the five different romantic songs. In addition to “You’re My,” the album also includes “Do it Right,” “More than a Crush,” “Fear of Flying,” and “Fight for Love.” Amber Marie, which is Farago’s stage name, had spent about a year producing the album. Although Farago found the task time-consuming, she believes that it was worth it in the end.

“It took me about a year to produce the album. Some of the difficulties I had were times when I had writer’s block but with the help of my team it all eventually came together,” Farago said.

Meanwhile, Farago’s “You’re My” has gotten over 2,000 views in less than a month since it’s been out. In the song, Farago describes a boy that brightens her day considerably and brings “sunshine” into her life. The underlying message of the music video serves to illustrate Amber’s view that love during high school years should be carefree and enjoyable.

“At this age, it’s about having fun and not to [taking] it so seriously in a relationship because we are still trying to figure out life, love, and friendships,” the senior said.

The young singer also dedicated “Fear of Flying” to Diamond Bar’s very own class of 2014. The song reminds people to believe in who they are and trust themselves regardless of what others think.

” ‘Fear of Flying’ is a very inspirational song and I feel that it has a different kind of feel and meaning because it is about never giving up and following your dreams and not [being] afraid to be you, and that you can do anything, ” Farago said.