Diamond Bar ‘Grease’

Emily Wong, A&E Editor

In the midst of present-day Diamond Bar, Greasers and Pink Ladies gathered together for one special night. After a five year stint, DBHS students were more than excited to attend Sadie Hawkins Dance, which returned on Nov. 25. Although the amount of effort it took to put together the dance was clear, some aspects made the overall affair fall a tad short.

The “Grease”-themed dance was intended to take on a more casual vibe that resembled a bash, similar to the Back to School Bash that has been held the past few years. Knowing this, I went in looking forward to a dance that did not call for the uncomfortable formality associated with Prom and Homecoming.

After arriving an hour late, I could already hear the blaring music echoing from the gym. Despite the deafening bass that shook the gym floors, when I entered the gym, I could not help but feel that the ambiance was rather…quiet. And by that, I mean there were less people in attendance than I would imagine. The entire gym was rather empty except for the small dance floor centered in front of the stage. Even so, a majority of the people were shuffled off to the side in a long line waiting to take photos. I expected there to be more photo stations to compensate for what always has the longest line at dances.

In addition, I was disappointed to find the lack of “Grease”-themed décor inside the gym. My date and I decided to go outside to the amphitheater, which was a much more aesthetically pleasing venue.

Though I was initially fearful that the dance would be a total dud, the outside decorations improved my thoughts. Strings of lights were set up on the amphitheater and hung over the entire grass area. The whole spectacle reminded me of a romantic carnival scene from a movie.

There was also a gigantic projection screen that was showing the film “Grease,” which was a genius idea. Unfortunately, not many people were watching the film and taking in the breathtaking view because the sound of the movie was not working. It was not until the hour before the dance ended that the sound was fixed.

This technological mishap diminished what could have been the star of the dance. Nonetheless, more people gathered in the grass area near the end of the dance to watch the film and gorgeous scenery. There were also cute carnival-like food carts that dispensed French fries, cotton candy, and churros and a drink stand that had Capri Suns. While waiting in line for cotton candy, my date and I realized we were not given food and drink tickets that other couples were given at the entrance. Though it was a slight annoyance, it was an honest human mistake and was quickly resolved when we were eventually given our tickets.

Other amenities included a video game station, where students could play games such as “Just Dance,” which was entertaining to watch and play, and a temporary tattoo station. Oldies music was also playing outside, which helped set the theme. However, I was slightly disappointed that there was no outdoor dancing area to the oldies music, especially with a “Grease” theme, and the lack of other activities.

Despite the victorious battle to bring it back and all the effortful planning, the execution of the dance was not as great as I had hoped. However, my first and last experience of Sadies was still a memorable event. Even with all its fallbacks, the inexpensive dance was still an entertaining night that will pave the way for all future Sadies.