CON: Raising spirit, or raising conflict?

Michelle Ki, Contributing Writer

As students of Diamond Bar High School, we are ordered to go to rallies up to five times a year. During these rallies, large amounts of both money and time are spent for the intent of bringing “entertainment” to our school. However, is this “entertainment,” worth the money and time? Does it balance out to what this school is aiming for?  In regards to the entire student population, it definitely does not, which is why DBHS does not need rallies.

Yet there are reasons why some students would enjoy rallies; they can spend class time listening to loud music while being entertained by performers. However, not everyone has a positive view on school rallies. Many students do not like rallies due to the annoying interruptions in their familiar schedules, deafening songs, ear-piercing screams, and overrated performances.

Although there are always different themes for each rally, countless students become tired of the same old dance routines, student skits and sweaty shouting teenagers that crowd the gym.  It is just like watching the same movie over and over again; after seeing it a few times, people eventually get sick of it.

In fact, there are many students who would rather be in class than at a rally. For someone who is struggling with math, he or she would certainly want the most time they can get at school to improve upon their subject.  Yet, rallies cut class time by approximately seven minutes; these are the seven minutes that just might allow a student to pass Algebra after they review the notes one last time for a test.

To the many students that don’t participate in rallies at all, the event is nothing but a burden. A burden to move to the end of the bleachers, apart from your friends; a burden to feel like you should be a part of something you’re not interested in. While the administrators order students to scream in excitement for these rallies, there are glum facial expressions for more than half the students.

Meanwhile, the amount of money that is invested into rallies is nowhere close to producing the desired response from students. From the cost of buying and renting supplies to the unnecessary time spent on posters, the rally is practically a non-effective talent show held five times a year. No one can ignore that a few weeks ago, the Performing Arts rally was cancelled due to rain. This means that all the hours spent setting up the gym and all the money DBHS used on supplies were gone to waste. An even sadder fact is that no one cared. The only people who did show much concern were those who invested their time preparing for the rally.

The main reason for the continuation of rallies is to get DBHS students excited about school and to uplift school spirit. However, this school does not need rallies. It would be very rare to witness a student gain interest in school after a rally, because aside from the occasional exciting moments during the performances, all rallies are the same. This school is filled with overwhelmingly spirited, talented, and intellectual students. DBHS does not need rallies to show that off, as it is completely pointless and unnecessary and in fact, a waste of money and time.