‘Bravo’ For New English Instructional Dean

Yusheng Xia, News Editor

After 14 years of teaching chemical changes to her students, Jennifer Bravo is finally ready for some changes herself. On Oct. 1, Bravo was formally announced as the new Diamond Bar High School Instructional Dean of ECEA.

Bravo will now be in charge of overlooking the departments of English, Career Tech Education, Fine and Performing Arts, and Special Education. The Walnut Valley Unified School District approved of Bravo as the new Instructional Dean after she passed numerous application steps for the job.

“There was a first round of interviews with two different groups of people asking two different sets of questions. After the first round there was the second round with the superintendents and other district office personnel. From there they make a recommendation that you aren’t aware of until the board of education clears that recommendation,” Bravo stated.

The Instructional Dean position had opened up at DBHS after the departure of Julian Rodriguez in June. By taking over the position, Bravo has to leave behind her many of her chemistry periods, as the Dean position only opens up 3rd period for Bravo to teach.

“Even though I’ve only known Bravo for a couple of weeks, it is still sad to see her leave but I’m also happy for her and her new job,” AP Chemistry student Peggy Hsieh said.

The school will have an opening for a new chemistry teacher to take over the chemistry regular, honor, and AP classes left behind by Bravo. Until then, a permanent substitute will be in charge of managing all the classes.

“I’ll miss teaching all my chemistry classes, especially my AP classes. [However] I look forward to getting to know everyone I will be working with,” Bravo said.