Audience ‘Falls’ for Dancers

Michelle Ki, Asst. Feature Editor

From heartwarming solos to romantic-comedy inspired skits, the annual Diamond Bar High School Fall Dance Concert was filled with skilled dancers and choreographers from the Intermediate dance classes, Advanced Performance Ensemble, All-Male Dance Crew, and Taurian Co. Dance Team.

The November 21 show opened with an upbeat hip-hop routine as the performers danced to “Problem” by Ariana Grande. It was choreographed by Class of 2013 alumnus Derrick Sy and featured the Advanced and Intermediate Performance Ensemble. The most exciting piece of the first half of the show would have to be “As You Were” with sophomores Gizelle Adams and Noelle Murphy. The performance included DBHS’s award-winning drumline team, which electrified the piece with vibrant and ear-catching beats.

All-Male dancers Peter Kang, Austin Kim, John Kim, Jason Lin, John Oh, and Kelvin Pang were featured in “Rocket,” in which the dancers were wearing white dress shirts giving the overall performance a charming feel.

“I liked ‘Rocket’ the best because my friends and I were the ones who choreographed it. The songs, ‘Cabaret’ and ‘Rocket,’ are rather inappropriate for a school setting, but through censorship and the opportunity of a dance concert, my friends and I were given the privilege of expressing our playfulness,” senior John Kim said.

Another dance was “Skin and Bones,” which was possibly the most memorable piece of the whole concert. The piece featured sophomore Jonathan Estrada and several female dancers. Being the only male in the piece, Estrada stole the limelight with his strong techniques and powerful facial expressions, making the dance that much more captivating.

Soloists of the show included seniors Rochelle Sun, Rowena Apo, Kimi Taira, and sophomore Jonathan Estrada dancing to “Adieu” by Coeur De Pirate, “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith, “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran, and “Raw and Awake” by Chris Garneau, respectively. Apo’s emotional performance was specifically dedicated to her late father, Redel Apo, making the piece to be incredibly touching.

After soloist Jonathan Estrada performed “Raw and Awake,” the DBHS Dance Company concluded the dance concert with an impressive hip-hop routine, titled “Up in Here.”

“My favorite part about [the] concert is being able to perform on a stage for an audience that is so encouraging and enthusiastic. I am very proud to say I’m part of the Diamond Bar Dance Company. It allows me to showcase my talents and interact with other people who share the same interest as me,” senior Dance Team Captain Rachel Mao said.

This dance concert was also the first under the new dance instructor, Kari Simonson.

“The dancers did amazingly well! A vast majority of the show was student choreographed and they have been preparing since September. I’m happy and proud they were able to share their artistry and talent with so many [people],” Simonson said.