Athlete of the Month: Christian Manalo

Athlete of the Month: Christian Manalo

Hanna Kang, Assistant Editorial Editor

image003Equipped with a shining work ethic and fierce determination, senior boys varsity basketball captain Christian Manalo is a leader on and off the court.

Manalo was born into a basketball-immersed family and was naturally inspired to try the sport himself. This venture turned out to be a huge success. Manalo became the captain of the boys varsity basketball team his sophomore year and has proven himself a reliable leader. As the captain, Manalo motivates his teammates with inspiring speeches and brings life to the crowd by leading the team in a dance before each game.

The 5’7” point guard has had many cherished memories with his team including his most memorable one, when he shot the winning basket against Los Altos in an important game. The basket was all the more meaningful because it helped the Brahma team  go into the CIF playoffs for the first time in eight years.

“I was really happy that I made the basket. Because of it, the team won the game and we were able go into CIF,” Manalo stated.

Not only is Manalo the winning force behind his team, he is the current star of an astounding lineup of basketball players in his family. Like Manalo, his older brothers and all of his cousins are talented and skilled at the sport. Basketball sure seems to be a hit in the bull’s eye for the Manalo family.

However, the most influential figure and motivating factor behind Manalo’s success story is his deceased grandfather.

“My grandfather wore the Number 12 [jersey] when he played basketball in high school, and that’s the number I wear now. All the games I play are dedicated to him,” Manalo shared.

Despite the heavy workload and hectic schedule that a student athlete must bear, Manalo handles everything with flair and command. Juggling a relatively rigorous academic schedule, the varsity captain maintains an unweighted GPA of 3.5.

“I have to admit that it is pretty hard coming home at 10 p.m. and trying to get work done, but I have learned over the past years how to manage my time,” Manalo commented.

Although Manalo gears up for college in the fall, he is not planning to hang up his jersey anytime soon. He wishes to continue playing basketball at the collegiate level, one of his hopeful schools being Cal State Monterey Bay. However, marking his last footsteps on the college courts does not satisfy Manalo, as he also hopes to enter the professional realm of basketball in the Philippines, playing for the Philippines Basketball Association.

Manalo continued his basketball career with flying colors as he and his team opened the 2014 Hacienda League play with four wins against Bonita, Rowland, West Covina, and Diamond Ranch, all schools being well-known for their strong play. Manalo is a perfect representation of the success and talent at DBHS, and there is no doubt that the Brahma athlete will achieve a great deal in his remarkable journey to become the top-notch athlete he desires to be.