Alumnus Returns with New Book, New Wisdom

Alumnus Returns with New Book, New Wisdom

Evon Hung, Asst. Web Editor

Students and adults alike – we all aspire to achieve our dream occupations and to be happy. For former Brahma Jamie Borromeo, she is doing exactly that.

The Class of 2003 alumnus visited the Diamond Bar High School library on September 25 as a motivational guest speaker.

As a high school student, Borromeo was the Arts & Entertainment Editor of the Bull’s Eye, board member of Girls’ League, president of the Barkada Filipino club, and was the 2001 Homecoming Princess. Borromeo later attended UC Santa Cruz. After college, the alumnus worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C, but abandoned her political career to follow her heart and true passions, to pursue an occupation in writing and media.

She now has published a book, “Young, Educated, & Broke,” which will be featured in an upcoming reality show “Pacific Beats,” and is currently on her book tour as a social commentator and entrepreneur.

“Young, Educated & Broke” is a travel journey memoir of Borromeo’s experiences in Millennial America. In its 190 pages, Borromeo reflects on the Millennial Generation, those born between the years 1980 and 2000, and takes the readers through seven years of her personal financial recovery after the economic collapse of 2007. Borromeo returned to her alma mater to share her journey of personal growth from high school to various occupations and to advise and inspire students pursuing their aspirations.

The alumnus began her presentation with a background of her high school involvement. Borromeo went on to express her thoughts on the Millennial Generation, and encouraged students to engage in human interaction in this world dominated by technology.

“There is a human element and energy that exists that isn’t there on your iPhone,” Borromeo said.

Borromeo is currently on tour with the theme “#millennialstreetteam.” Through social media, Borromeo hopes to combine students’ stories and the responses of previous generations into an open dialogue that will create a goal of the future.

“Young, Educated, and Broke,” is set to be released January 6. Pre-orders are available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powell’s.

To conclude her visit, Borromeo advised that personal development, and individuality can be found through self-reflection.

Especially for those who plan to attend college, the alumnus emphasized the importance of cultural and environmental ties with one’s own ambitions.

“It’s essential to think about the economic impact that college will have on you,” Borromeo advised. “My challenge to you today is to think about what is it that you want to do with your career. Is it something that really sticks to your heart or just something that has been told to you?”