Restaurant Review: Pokinometry

Bernard Chen, Asst. News Editor

Chipotle, Pieology and other assembly-line style restaurants have been gaining popularity, and Japanese restaurant Pokinometry is no different. The restaurant, located in Anaheim, uniquely fuses fast food with sashimi.

Pokinometry is different from regular Japanese restaurants in that you are able to get a quick, tasty meal within a matter of minutes, as quick as you would at a fast food joint. Customers walk in front of a glass counter where the staff helps them as they select what to add to their entrée. Still, Pokinometry is definitely set apart from other fast-food eateries as it serves high-quality raw fish instead of fried foods.

In the serving line, the customer is able to choose from a variety of sashimi cubes – spicy or regular tuna, salmon, yellow tail, octopus, scallop, as well as sauces ranging from non-spicy to “dynamite”. The average meal at Pokinometry consists of a bowl of rice with cubed fish added on top, but the restaurant also offers nachos, wraps, and salads as a main course. Each bowl is separated into rice and fish, but after the fish is mixed thoroughly with the selected sauce, it is added to the rice along with whatever other toppings the customer would like.

Sashimi doesn’t come cheap, as a typical meal for four can easily add up to over $100. However, Pokinometry impressively provides a more economic substitute, coming in at only $8.50 for a medium bowl (three choices of fish) and $10.50 for a large (five choices of fish). All toppings are also complimentary with the bowl, meaning that you won’t have to pay that extra dollar to get avocado on your meal like at Chipotle.

Though served in a plastic bowl, the meal itself looks very fancy with the toppings, similar to a chirashi bowl at other Japanese restaurants. The fish is fresh, and from the choices offered, I was very pleased with my order. The toppings, fish eggs, and green onion, added an extra kick to the taste without any part overpowering the other. The sauce was slightly salty, but this was easily fixed by request. This fully customizable meal can suit anybody’s taste, with the optional wasabi and a counter full of other add-ons.

The meal itself is rather filling, but the medium size left me not completely satisfied afterwards. For people who want the full experience, I would suggest adding a drink to your order or ordering a large bowl instead of a medium.

Without a long drive down to the beach, where quality sashimi is usually found at, this quick alternative is flavorful and enjoyable. The overall experience of Pokinometry was unique and delicious, with the inexpensive price tag covering up for minor flaws.