2013: Dumb and Dumber


Yusheng Xia, Editor in Chief

2013 was the year of the self-indulgence. It was the age of picture messages and popular YouTube successes. It was the time when Bieber proved his “manliness” and Miley did more of…her thing. Looking back, many events truly stood out and will define the golden period of 2013 for years to come.The Year of the Miley
She literally came in like a wrecking ball. The Disney princess I once knew from my favorite television show “Hannah Montana” stunned the 2013 world with her controversial acts that would even have the rebellious Rose from the “Titanic” gaping with shock. It wasn’t just the first place awards on Billboard’s Singles Chart and The Official Albums Chart that made Miley so special. It wasn’t the eye-popping dance moves she busted out at the MTV Video Music Awards either. It was the fact that when we do describe Miley, only four words come to our minds: She can’t be tamed. Let the world beware, Miley can’t stop and she won’t stop.

Bieber’s Path to the Dark Side
One thing we learned about Justin Bieber in 2013 is that you should never disappoint him on his birthday. Ever. After starting out the year with his “worst birthday” tweet, Bieber followed by attacking the paparazzi, calling Anne Frank a “Belieber,” and spitting on his loyal fans over his luxurious hotel balcony. Still, Bieber seems to have sobered up; he seemed cheerful enough to blow kisses toward his desperate fans on his way out of jail after recently getting a DUI. Well if he’s been proud of publicly peeing into a restaurant mop bucket, I guess I can formally say without regret that I am no longer a loyal “Belieber.”

Word of the year: Selfie
You see it on Instagram. You see girls taking it while walking toward your locker. And soon, you will see it in the dictionary. The Oxford Dictionary officially declared “selfie” the 2013 word of the year following millions upon millions of teenagers who just can’t get enough of seeing their own beautiful faces, whether it is in the middle of class or in the bathroom mirror. Selfies have truly come a long way since being merely Myspace profile pictures.

“Mommy, what does fox say?”
I’ve always wondered what kinds of sounds foxes make when they hunt their natural prey. YIvis’s “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)” was ranked on the Top Ten of YouTube’s 2013 list for most popular videos. For weeks, it was almost impossible not to hear the sounds of the fox echo across the animal kingdom. YIvis’s surprising hit was also turned into a children’s book, which soon became part of the New York Time’s bestseller list.