Winter Winds Blows Away Audience


Vrinda Chauhan

Festive Jingle – Junior Marquis members light up Christmas with their voices.

Whoever wrote “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” must have had DBHS’s annual Winter Winds Concert in mind, because the warm and fuzzy feeling inside the theater last Friday made it more than a little difficult to leave.

The concert kicked off with a solo medley of songs ranging from sweet, classic Christmas jingles to jazzy, spicy holiday favorites. The stage was a wonderland of red, white, and green, with fairy lights blinking to truly create the ambiance of winter holidays.

After the medley, which ended with a dazzling solo of “Once Upon a December” by senior Diana Power, the choir group came together to sing “We Need a Little Christmas”/ “Let It Snow.” As the harmonious voices filled the air with syrupy-sweet holiday melodies, one could not have anticipated the red-hot, fun, and festive turn the event would take.

Marquis took a rural spin on the traditional Christmas with the “Home for Holidays Medley.” With junior Yasi Hekmat introducing the next theme with a zealous “howdy,” the singers came back onstage in white overalls and began to sing the next set of songs, which included “Raise a Ruckus” and “Country Christmas Tree.” Some songs, such as “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” doubled as skits, and a few songs even sought audience participation by having the crowd clap with the beat.

“It was really entertaining and fun to watch. My favorite was definitely the country dancing part,” junior Sofia Minassian, an audience member, said.

The second half of the concert included more solo medleys, this time with more jazzy themed music. One particularly interesting song was “A Real Live Lady,” sung by junior Alex Silva, in which he asked for, well, a real live lady for Christmas. This piece was definitely a crowd pleaser, including numerous dancers with feather boas.

The last part of the concert included a medley of sacred carols, such as “Silent Night” and “The First Noel.” The concert was concluded with a brief 30-second recap of the entire concert.

“The kids put in a lot of hard work countless hours to make it work. I’m very proud of the way they worked together,” Patty Breitag, the choir teacher, stated.