USB honors academics, Top 10 students at Spring Rally


Xing Yen Quek

ACADEMIC AWARD – Dancers of the senior class perform at the spring rally recognizing the top ten students.

Diamond Bar High School students never fail to amaze their teachers and fellow students with their intelligence and unique talents.

Ten such students were selected from each grade level in honor of Academic Week and were featured at the Spring Sports Rally last Friday. During Academic Week, the Top 10 students participated in a special lunchtime activity and also  had an In-N-Out luncheon.

During the rally, the selected Top 10 students were introduced in a video slideshow.

“We look for students who are well rounded—who challenge themselves by taking a few hard classes, balance that with participating in an art or sport while giving back to their community with plenty of charity work, and [are] also very involved in school. But since this describes the typical Diamond Bar student, we look for people who stand out—in the way they present themselves in explaining why they should be chosen for Top 10, and what sets them apart from everyone else,” Tammy Law, United Student Body Commissioner of Academics, shared.

USB also provided a special lunchtime activity on Wednesday for the selected Top 10 students. Two students from each grade level were chosen as representatives for their respective class.

The pair then went through many different obstacles such as throwing and catching water balloons without popping them, and leapfrogging to the next station. The winners of the activity were seniors Alena Glushchenko and Chris Lee.

“The lunchtime activity was very challenging [and] I loved the team effort with Chris Lee. I’m pumped up for the rally because it will be my last one forever. I am going to miss Diamond Bar and I hope that our senior class will have a great time cheering and being Brahmas for the last rally,” Glushchenko stated.

In order to secure a spot in the Top 10 positions, potential candidates had to go through a thorough application process in which they were required to answer questions as well as include their class schedule, first semester transcript, a minimum of two teacher recommendations, and a list of their current extracurricular activities.

“When my USB representative came in and handed me the balloon, I was really happy and touched because it proved to me that all my hard work paid off,” sophomore Michelle Lyu commented.

The students who were chosen as the Top 10 students of their respective grade levels were notified by USB representatives a week before the rally.

“I am grateful that I was able to have a spot in Top 10 every time since freshman year and it feels good to be recognized as a well-rounded individual. I feel like the Top 10 program impacts our whole community. It just feels great to be chosen as a Top 10 student,” senior Joycelyn Chen shared.