Three new faces are welcomed into USB

United Student Body introduced three new members as the school year began. Seniors Elijah Ang, Srini Kumar, and Amanda Walker were selected as the Commissioners of Visual Communication before the first day of school, replacing Harry Moon and Bryanna Lim.

During summer registration, USB informed sophomores, juniors, and seniors that the Visual Communication positions were open for consideration, since Lim and Moon were no longer a part of USB. Ang, Kumar, and Walker were chosen among the many students who took this opportunity to try out for the school’s leadership group.

“I wanted to join USB since last year. The vice president of USB told me there was a position open for someone who has had experience with visual arts, so I signed up immediately,” Kumar stated.

By the end of the application and interview processes, USB recruited not two members, but three.

The application process was open for about two weeks, and interviews followed immediately afterwards. For the  interviews, prospective candidates for the positions were required to bring some of their pictures and talk about the experiences they had with visual communications.

Candidates were called in at different times and days to be interviewed by the USB Executive Board. Once the board members had made their decisions, they contacted Ang, Kumar, and Walker to congratulate them for officially becoming members of USB.

“I felt amazing when I got the position and I was jumping for joy. I am looking forward to working with everybody and also seeing all of DBHS’ events come together and embracing the Brahma spirit.” Walker stated.