Student Spotlight: Peter Kang

Student Spotlight: Peter Kang

Dancing his way through his years at Diamond Bar High School, junior Peter Kang is living up to high expectations as a proud, well-rounded Brahma.

Kang joined the national-winning All Male Dance Crew his sophomore year, thanks to two talented dancers, class of 2013 graduate Austin Vo and senior Jeremy Chan. “They helped me learn how to dance, particularly in a type of dance called bboying. They were the ones who really got me started and helped me develop so that I could make it into AMDC that year,” stated Kang. Once he had made it into the team, former captain Franklin Yu became Kang’s mentor. Along with their support, Kang had to work hard on his own as well. In fact, Kang was inspired by the Jabbawockeez and had started dancing with no training. “I tried my best to reach the level of those [who] had taught me by taking classes at Dellos dance studio, joining GRaVy Babies, freestyling in my garage, and watching YouTube videos. I’m still working to improve as a dancer today,” Kang shared. To think that Kang became the captain of AMDC with self-practice is quite remarkable.

Not only does Kang actively participate in AMDC, but he also spends extra time outside of school in order to do what he loves. Just this past summer, Kang was involved in GRaVy Babies, the junior squad of the dance team GRV, and competed with them at a competition called Body Rock Juniors. Beating two-thirds of those who tried out, his group passed the final auditions. However, his talents do not end there. The teenage dancer seems to be born to command the stage, as he is also the lead singer of the praise team in his church. Kang actually was not aware of his knack for singing before someone from the praise team heard him singing for fun and suggested that he join. “I guess singing became more enjoyable when people started to acknowledge my voice. Just as I am still developing as a dancer, I’m still learning how to sing,” stated Kang. Balancing out his hectic schedule of 0-6a with three AP classes, Kang finds time to practice before bible study on Fridays. He also practices and holds jam sessions with family and friends as well.

Although being the captain of AMDC as a junior is an honorable feat, Kang feels burdened at times. “To be the captain takes a lot of responsibility and is also time consuming. There is a lot of pressure on me because of expectations. The previous captains were all seniors and they all did well, so it’s difficult sometimes,” Kang shared.

But no matter how hard it may be at times, dance plays a major role in Kang’s life. “I dance to express myself and who I am. But more specifically, dancing is my method of praising God. Since He blessed me such talent, I dance to worship him. It also prevents me from doing anything bad,” Kang stated with much resolve.

The AMDC captain believes that he is who he is today, thanks to his instructor, friends, and fellow dancers. He would like to thank many people, especially DBHS dance instructor Janna Lindenberg, Chan, Vo, Yu, and class of 2012 graduate Clay Boonthanakit. After much thought, Kang dedicated a message to the people special in his heart. “I was really annoying as a freshman because I constantly asked for help. I wanted to be accepted and talented. I was criticized a lot and some of it was hard to take but it helped me become a better dancer.”