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Sizzling Summer Movies

With summer just around the corner, many students are probably stressing over the many months of summer school or summer homework they will have, while others have absolutely nothing to do. Luckily for all, this summer will be jam-packed with some of the most highly anticipated movies of the year that cannot be missed.

1. “Now You See Me” (May 31)

In the blink of an eye, transform a normal summer day into a magical adventure that will leave you stunned. “Now You See Me” takes the art of illusions to levels never seen before, as a group of magicians shock the nation by stealing from banks all around the world.  Jesse Eisenberg and Morgan Freeman put on their top hats and star as some of the Robin Hood-like thieves that use their skills of deception and trickery to swindle millions of dollars and disseminate it all to their audience. As FBI agents swarm onto the case, they realize the rash of bank heists across the globe might just be small distractions to an even bigger trick that no one will see coming.

2. “Man of Steel” (June 14)

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It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s superman! Follow the story of how the beloved Superman came to be in the movie “Man of Steel.” Journey to the inception of adventure when Clark Kent, played by Henry Cavill, is sent to Earth after his home planet Krypton is destroyed.  Possessing super powers that no others have, Clark grows up feeling dissimilar from the society in which he lives and desperately desires to fit in. But when the world is under attack, Clark finds himself to be the only one capable of protecting his new home, Earth, from evil.

3. “World War Z” (June 21)

Summer can get pretty lackluster when you spend hour after hour with nothing to do. But throw in a couple zombies, and it just might enliven your day. Brad Pitt will once again shine on the big screens, starring as a U.N. employee in the film “World War Z.” In the midst of a deadly zombie pandemic that is threatening to change the face of Earth, he will have to abandon his family and travel around the world in search for a cure to stop the deadly disease before time runs out.

4. “Despicable Me 2” (July 3)

Gru is back with new cars, cool gadgets, and deadly weapons in the exciting 3D sequel “Despicable Me 2”! Except this time, he and his mighty yellow minions are officially switching sides from evil to good. This summer, they will have to team up with the Anti-Villain league and face Eduardo, one of the most evil villains yet. Steve Carell will once again, voice the part of Gru, who uses his experience as a former villain to tackle down the treacherous Eduardo. But will his part-time job of being a dad get in his way?

5.  “Pacific Rim” (July 12)

When giant sea monsters that rose from a crevice in the Pacific Ocean overrun the world, mankind responds with massive fighting robots known as Jaegers. Yet, even the most powerful of the Jaegers is no match for the endless army of monsters pushing the human population to the brink of extinction. When all hope seems lost, two heroes rise up and defend mankind with a legendary Jaeger—their only key to survival. Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi star in this film “Pacific Rim” which illustrates new kind of apocalypse that might just end the human world, once and for all.

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