Quick Fix Breakfast

The mini heart attack caused by a buzzing alarm clock in the early hours of the morning is all-too-familiar for most high school students. Yet what’s even worse is the dreadful moment after you have hit the snooze button for “just five more minutes” of sleep, waking up to realize you’re about to be late to school. You end up skipping breakfast and fearing the imminent stomach growling during a test. However, even with little time to spare, the most important meal of the day is still possible with these quick and easy recipes that are sure to satisfy your hunger and taste buds.


Woke up Late (5 minutes):

You’ve overslept. This scenario is the biggest culprit for skipping breakfast. But don’t worry. As you attempt to make yourself look as decent as possible, you can still simultaneously make breakfast with this easy recipe.

Makeshift Belgian Waffles


-Frozen Belgian Waffles

-Toppings of your choice (I recommend whipped cream, strawberries, and Nutella)


When desperate times call for desperate measures, anything will work, even something as simple as frozen waffles. A deliciously amplified version of bland Eggo waffles, Frozen Belgian waffles can be found in typical grocery stores, and most brands call for a prep time of only 4 to 5 minutes.  As soon as you wake up, pop one or two in the toaster, so while it’s cooking, you can get ready—you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. After it’s done, top it off with whipped cream, fruit, or if you want to make it look extra fancy, powdered sugar.


On Time (10 minutes):

You wake up on time but are still a little groggy. Using a loud appliance, say a blender, will jolt you awake and give you a refreshing breakfast drink as well.

Frozen Fruit Smoothies:


-2 cups of your choice of frozen fruit (I suggest frozen berries)

-1/2 Cup of Orange Juice (or 2 Tbsp. Of OJ concentrate)

-1/2 Cup of Water

-1/2 Cup of Yogurt

-1 Frozen Banana

-1 Tbsp. of Honey

Directions: Using a blender, add all the ingredients together and blend until the smoothie is a smooth and thick consistency. Pour it into a travel cup if you would like to sip this delicious drink on the go. You may even increase the proportions of this recipe in case you need to make breakfast for any of your siblings. The cool and fresh drink will easily wake you up and help you look forward to the school day…well, at least make it a little more bearable.


Forgot It Was Late Start (20 minutes):

Many of us have forgotten about a late start from time to time. You wake up early to get ready until you realize school starts 90 minutes later. Since you are too lazy to go back to sleep after spending so much time to look your best, why not spend the extra minutes to make a more wholesome breakfast?

Tortilla Wrap:


-Scrambled Eggs (or however you like it cooked)

-Shredded Cheese



-Any leftover ingredients of your choice

-1 Flour Tortilla

Directions: Lay out the tortilla wrap on a plate. Dice the vegetables into appropriate sizes. After cooking the eggs, put them and the rest of the ingredients on the tortilla and wrap it like a burrito. This Southern-inspired treat is extremely versatile and can cater to your personal tastes. Using any leftover ingredients in the fridge also makes this delicious recipe ideal. Wrap it in aluminum foil or place it in a container to eat on the go.