PRO: Diamond Bar High Renumbers Classrooms

With the new room numbering system on our school campus, DBHS has finally succeeded in labeling our classrooms in an orderly way. Many students have eyed this change with disapproval, fearing the new numbering system will create confusion among upper classmen who are used to the old room numbers. However, the many benefits outweigh the few downsides to this switch because it will be easier for future Brahmas to navigate through the campus.

This renovation is definitely an improvement from the former numbering system. The classrooms located in the first building, left of the main entrance, are numbered in the 100s. With each adjacent building from that, the classroom numbers increase by a hundred in a clockwise rotation. This setup is easy to follow and clearly beneficial to students, teachers and outsiders alike.

Also, the opening of DBHS’s newest math building provided the perfect timing to switch to the new numbering system. But why did we have to change from our former numbering system in the first place?

Well, it all comes down to safety. Federal authorities have emphasized that all public schools in the United States should be labeled in a way that allows for a quick and orderly evacuation during times of emergency. Because of this, the “Center for Safe Schools” organization recommends that all schools be numbered in a universally comprehendible setup that security officers can follow. Since our former numberings did not meet these safety recommendations and rooms were labeled with no specific order, a change was necessary. By renumbering all the classrooms, DBHS lowers the likelihood of accidents resulting from problems in navigation and therefore increases school safety.

The change of classroom numbers has clearly enhanced our school by making it easier for students to both find their classrooms and evacuate during times of danger.  If we can adjust to the slight discomfort, this transformation will definitely benefit our school in the future.