L.A. Fair is an Extraordinary Affair

L.A. Fair is an Extraordinary Affair

This year’s Los Angeles County Fair seems like another way to suffer in the heat and push away crowds. However, I discovered that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this bustling event. Hidden beneath the commotion of games and rides is an assortment of art galleries and exhibitions that can be enjoyed by everyone.

With a wide range of amusing activities for people of all ages, the fair provides an opportunity for family and friends to go out and have fun outside of social networks. Children can compete for prizes at the carnival and harness their creative talents at the America’s Kids Living Library of Fun. While their little ones play, adults can attend wine tastings at the Wine and Beer Marketplace or search through an array of products at the Shopping Palace, as I did. However, another attraction caught my attention. Ranging from gentle cows to bizarrely fluffy chickens, the adorable Fairview Farm was my favorite—I loved feeding the goats and watching tiny piglets run around their pens.

The fair is also a place where artists can display their creations and win that coveted ribbon for their efforts. One of the most popular artistic exhibits is the Flower Pavilion, which had a Brazilian theme. I felt consumed by the beautiful orchids and other exotic flowers, arranged in a spectacular show of color that exemplifies Rio and Carnival. In the next pavilion, the botanical garden mimics the lush tropical forests with exotic animals like sloths and armadillos for a truly wild feel. It was a memorable experience and a pleasant way to escape the blazing heat.

Another attraction I recommend is Tapestry. I do not want to sound like my grandmother, but where else you can find a Tiffany’s Christmas tree, a “Great Gatsby” table setting or a “Doctor Who” cake?  This exhibit features jewelry, needlework, and other household crafts. The most popular are the tablescapings (table settings), which are tables intricately set up and designed around a certain theme. Although it did not win a prize, my favorite table had a Roaring 20s-New York City theme. Tapestry Pavilion is a timeless part of the fair that should never be skipped.

The L.A. County fair also brings exciting new exhibitions every year. The two that I attended and enjoyed were “Star Trek: The Exhibition” and “Beneath the Sea: An Underwater Adventure.” The “Star Trek” attraction is a haven for sci-fi lovers and features a collection of costumes, sets, and props from all the television series and films. For those who’ve only seen the newer films like me, the exhibit provides the chance to see what the classic “Star Trek” was like and how it has evolved over the years. Even non-Trekkies will find this sci-fi gem interesting.

The other exhibition, “Beneath the Sea,” has an array of marine exhibits including Sanctuary Reef, Sea Monsters Travelling, and even a Live Stingray Encounter, where I got the chance to feed and pet a stingray. The displays teach the importance of conservation and educate the public on the biodiversity of the ocean. As an AP Environmental Science student, I found it helpful and fascinating.

Overall, the fair is not just an oasis of fried foods, but a place of creativity, learning, and family bonding. From exhilarating rides to artistic expositions, the fair provides entertainment for people of all ages and personalities. It is an event undeniably worth attending.