Kong’s Korner: A Few of My Favorite Things


This is the very last Kong’s Korner. It might even be the last article I write in my life. I don’t want to use this last opportunity to rant and complain about something (as I usually do). Instead, I want to praise and talk about some of my personal favorite movies, video games, TV shows, etc. This will be a happy article since I tainted my past “Korners” with my constant complaints and annoyances.

Favorite Film: “Rocky” (1976)

Having watched many films in my life, I had an extremely difficult time picking out “Rocky” as my favorite. Of course, “Rocky”, isn’t considered one of the best movies of all time such as “Titanic”, “Ben Hur”, and “Return of the King”, but it had a very specific impact on me as a person. Watching Rocky had me come to a profound message that was unknown to me beforehand –it isn’t always about winning. Of course, the winners are always able to gloat and gleam about their successes and accomplishments, but does winning really teach one a lesson? Lessons are given those who lose, and in this case, Rocky Balboa learned that he didn’t have to defeat the current world champion to prove anything. He just wanted to prove to himself that he could hang with the best.

Favorite Song: “Charlie Brown”- Coldplay

People who know me and know what type of music I listen to will immediately scoff at this selection. Let it be known to the world that I basically hate everything that plays on the radio. I look for substance rather than a catchy chorus and beat (Justin Bieber and One Direction). I have been a Coldplay fan for the majority of my life and this song just reinforced my love for their music.

Favorite Book: “Battle Royale” – Koushun Takami

I want to thank Ms. Chen for giving me the chance to read this book. I was stopping by her room to say “hi” and I saw this book on her table. I had heard of the book beforehand, since there was a debate that the entire “Hunger Games” series stole its ideas from this particular book. Let me just say that I agree with the consensus…

Favorite TV Show: “Band of Brothers” (2001)

I already talked about this show in my last “Korner,” so I won’t really talk about all the amazing qualities about this show (as there are many). All I will say is that this show was executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks… that is all.

So that’s it! These were just some of my favorites. Thank you for all the support and for reading my all of my rants. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback every issue. It was fun while it lasted.image002