Junior’s Dreams Turns Into Reality


With his first novel under his belt, junior Norbert Tsi is certainly a precocious high schooler.

Printed in the beginning of summer this year in Taiwan, “On the Aaria” is Tsi’s first novel and was shipped from Taiwan and distributed here on the first of September. The plot, which includes plenty of twists, focuses on a group of comrades traveling the fantasy world of Aaria while performing valiant miracles and upholding justice.

Tsi had several sources of inspiration that led to the creation of his book. Inspired by a comic he wrote in the fourth grade with his friend Thomas Lee, to whom he dedicates this book, Tsi compiled “On the Aaria” based on the comic along with other life occurrences and dreams.

Although he has distributed approximately 120 copies already, the project did not go without a hitch. Finding a publisher was rather difficult, and time and motivation were major obstacles that he had to overcome.

“Most of [the printers] don’t even look at emails or messages from anyone without an agent but my uncle is friends with this guy who owns a printing shop in Taiwan,” Tsi explained.

President of DBHS’s Chamber Choir, Tsi found that this project also tested his determination and patience since the process took seven and a half years. However, desiring to improve the way people think through story-telling, Tsi became extremely motivated to finish his work this past summer.

“I would write 30-50 pages a night. I’d get home, I’d write. I’d do my homework, and I’d write again until 3 to 5 in the morning,” Tsi stated about the last few months of writing.

Though friends and family were supportive of the project, Tsi’s parents were initially ambivalent. However, after receiving the final product in their hands, they admired his hard work. Even his friends who had frequently seen the posted updates on Facebook, were shocked to learn that he had actually produced a novel.

The fledgling writer aspires to write more books. In fact, he is currently in the process of writing another one.

“The interest does not lie in writing, more so in telling the story. In the future, I would like to dream for a living, as Steven Spielberg says. I wouldn’t mind if I write, I wouldn’t mind if I direct, I wouldn’t mind if I draw, just conveying the story to the audience,” the amateur author explained.

Tsi has yet to find a publisher in the United States, but those interested in obtaining “On the Aaria” can contact him through Facebook and e-mail.

“I would love to be an author or [have] any job that tells a story. If that would happen, it would be a dream come true.”

And he is certainly on the right path.