Gas Leak Interrupts School Day

A gas leak on Friday that occurred at the pool construction site spurred Diamond Bar High School’s first real evacuation in at least four years.

During second period, following an emergency alarm, students and teachers were told to evacuate. All classes were instructed to go to their designated evacuation sites and to remain there until the faculty notified otherwise.

The emergency was instigated by a gas leak that occurred while the workers were trenching to put in additional gas lines. The school’s main gas valve was immediately shut down, but the gas fumes had already dissipated. In the D building, the smell had not yet spread. Electric fans from the site and those ordered from the district were placed around the D building. Those classes were re-evacuated just after they went back to class for ten minutes. The leakage lasted into third period.

“I thought it was a drill. It was really crowded, so if there was an actual emergency, I would not feel very safe,” sophomore Sharon Sengphanith shared. After a complete check of the building, the fire department and the Sheriff’s department signaled an all-clear and allowed student and staff to resume classes in the D building.

“The evacuation went as smooth as it could have for an unexpected event. Everyone sprang into action,” Principal Catherine Real commented.