Fall Choir Concert Recap


Touching a wide variety of music from different eras and genres, the Diamond Bar High School Choral Department up on a dazzling Fall 2013 Concert. Singers were from the several different school choirs, which include Solitaire, Marquis, Concert Choir, and Chamber.

The show kicked off with all the choirs singing “I Dream a World” by Andre Thomas, which also happened to be the theme of the concert. Accompanied by guitar playing from sophomore Sheizan Bawa, junior Rosemarie Grady was the first soloist of the night, singing “Realize” by Colbie Caillat.

Solitaire, the all-female choir, began with a strong rendition of the French song “Je le vous dirai” by Pierre Certon. As they sang the exhilarating “Ride the Chariot,” the singers did a shirt dance that delighted the audience. Junior Jeffrey Labunski shined memorably with his solo of “Vittoria, mio core!” by Giacomo Carissimi. His passion truly showed through his singing as his pronunciation was spot on.

“It was a lot of fun practicing and the concert was a good experience to learn all these different kinds of music,” senior Karrah Bates from Solitaire choir said.

Next was Concert Choir, who performed songs like “I am a Trav’ler” by Ed Harris. Continuing with more modern songs, juniors Esther Suh and Soumya Kar sang “Beautiful Escape” by AJ Rafael, and then Senica Camello and Taylor Kalinowski impressed the audience with powerful “Titanium” by David Guetta. As popular modern songs, the singers for “Titanium” and “Beautiful Escape” did well, ending up memorable.

In the third act of the concert, singers from other choirs took the stage with Chamber to provide their vocals for church songs such as “Cantate Domino” by Hans Leo. Soloists were juniors Jennifer King and Allyson Cantimbuham. King gave a sassy performance that truly conveyed the emotions of “On My Own” from the tear-jerking “Les Misérables.” Cantimbuhan’s performance proved to be popular as the audience gave a thundering applause and I was touched by the emotion resonating through the song. In addition, senior Diana Power and junior Will Nazareno did a soothing duet for “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard and Marketa Inglova.

The final act of the show was performed by Marquis, the advanced mixed show choir. They sang traditional hymns like “Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal.” After that, a trio consisting of sophomores Kady Lee, Crystal Ng, and Nicholas Zhou harmonized “Landslide” from the movie “Once.”

The show concluded with Marquis singing “I Can Tell the World about This.” The final performance concluded the night with a lengthy round of a applause.