Defense dominates the Tartans

Last Wednesday, Diamond Bar High School’s girls soccer team started the season with a 2-1 win over the Glendora Tartans. The Lady Brahmas were able to gain the lead in the first half and maintain it throughout the match. The highlight of the night was the DB’s defense.

“As a whole, defensively, I was really impressed by the way we played tonight. We started with a freshman in the back tonight, and she played really well for us, and we had a player who played defense for the first time, and she was amazing. I’ll give a lot of credit to our defense, our mid-fielders, and our forwards; they all played really well,” Coach Matt Brummett said.

To give the team a strong start, DB sophomore forward Hayley Everhart scored the first goal near the start of the game, gaining a lead of 1-0.

Although the defense was spectacular throughout the match, the Lady Brahmas allowed only one goal to slide, tying the game at one a piece. After this goal, the Lady Brahmas were determined to not let another goal pass by.

After the score by the Tartans, the Lady Brahmas were able to gain back the lead with another goal. With the offense flowing, getting the first goal was not a problem. With a killer’s mentality, DB went on a roll, scoring another goal before the half ended.  The ball fumbled into the net in DB’s favor after a dangerous scramble around the goal. Senior forward Megan Olson deserved credit for the goal, although an accidental one. Soon after the Brahmas received another chance to score with a penalty kick, but missed the shot.

“For our first game, I was really impressed. Coming into the season, knowing that we had good players, but not knowing as far as team goes, I was really impressed with our team tonight. It’s our first game, so we have a lot of things we can do better, but I’m satisfied with our first game,” Brummett said.

During the second half of the game, DB missed some scoring opportunities, but was able to maintain a great defense throughout. The Tartans played aggressively in the second half, making multiple attempts to score. However, they were no match against the Lady Brahmas, who upheld the lead until the end of the game.

“Consistency is always a really big deal to me. There’s no such thing as consistency after the first game; but if we can build upon this performance and consistently win, then I’ll be satisfied,” Brummett stated on his outlook of the season.

The Lady Brahmas won first place in the San Dimas Tournament by having a record of 3-0-1. DB shut out every opponent it faced. Junior Helena Kisor took home MVP in the tournament while six other Lady Brahmas earnned All Tournament Team  Honors.