DBHS Library Newly Launches E-Books

With the rapid development of technology in today’s society, it seems only fitting that the Diamond Bar High School library now offers e-books for students to download onto computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Two new digital programs came in a package deal with the technological advance. These databases are ProQuest E-Library and Overdrive. The former is used for research purposes and is comprised of a variety of options such as newspaper articles, videos, and e-books. The ability to search the whole database and to categorize the search into separate resources provides easy access to information on various topics. Overdrive primarily consists of e-books in the fiction genre although it also includes some research materials.  Besides being available 24/7, both programs are free for students.

“It’s always been our goal to have students read, trying to find different ways to stop [the] obstacles in front of them,” DBHS librarian Pam Hunter explained.

Though library e-books will benefit a majority of students, this addition will be particularly advantageous to those who are prone to losing books and paying penalty fees.

“The best thing about Overdrive is that it will never be late. It automatically comes back so students will stop getting late fees,” Hunter stated.

The “Adopt Your Library” system, originally meant for student donations of print books, has also expanded to take in e-books. For instance, students may purchase books through Overdrive and thus be given first priority use. After finishing, they may donate the e-book to the school’s online library and enable other students to access it. By doing so, students consequently not only expand the collection but also help sustain the library budget.

“With technology the way it’s going and technology coming into the school, we’re trying to offer books and everything in an environment that’s friendlier and easier for students to use,” Hunter explained. “We’re just trying to find ways to help them be more successful.”

ProQuest E-Library and Overdrive are accessible on the DBHS website under the Library section while book suggestions are currently being taken through e-mail.