Cute Campus Couples: Teacher Edition

brummett maine

Brummett & Maine

What was your first impression of each other?

Miss. Maine: I’d say that he’s goofy.

Mr. Brummett: Of course I thought she was beautiful. After getting to know her, it was clear to me that we had values that matched up and a lot of things in common.

What was the most humorous gift you have received?

Ms. M: One time, he gave me slippers for Christmas and they were so comfortable I wore them everywhere I went except for work. It’s funny because they are going to have a hole in them even though they are only less than a month old.

Mr. B: We don’t really give funny gifts to each other, but we enjoy messing with other people. We would sometimes go through drive thrus and order in funny voices to see people’s reactions.


sorensensThe Sorensens

What was your first impression of him?

Mrs. Sorenson: I saw Mr. Sorenson from far away at a church service at the park and he was wearing a bow tie and suspenders. He looked kind of cute because he had wild red hair.

What was the best gift you have received?

Mrs. S: He’s always a really kind, gentle, and patient person. I wouldn’t say it is a physical gift, it’s an intangible gift but I would say that’s probably the best gift he has given me.

What were the best memories you guys had with each other?

Mr. S: When I turned 40, she had a big surprise party for me, which I did not expect at all. My parents from Texas were there as well as some people from out of town. It was crazy. I was totally confused.

Mrs. S: He makes me laugh every day.


marquezThe Marquezes

What were your first impressions of each other?

Mrs. Marquez: I thought he was a very friendly and positive guy. He talks a lot in conversations and to other people. On the first day we met, he tried to pick me up with his pick up line, “If you need any paper for your classroom, I have lots of paper.”

Mr. Marquez: I thought she was really cute. Talking to her, I felt that she was very confident and sure of herself. She is very smart, and she challenges me intellectually.

What were the best memories you had with each other?

Mrs. M: I try not to make Valentine’s Day a huge deal because he has been very generous and I’d be rather treated well the other 364 days a year than the one Valentine’s Day.

Mr. M: When we were teaching at Diamond Ranch High school, we would go on Europe trips. We went on four trips together; I also proposed to her in Paris.

Mrs. M: And I said every time we’re in Paris, I expect diamonds and since then, every time we went to Paris he got me diamonds.