Crossing the Line

Schools all over California are in for a real shocker. In early August, Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1266 into law, which will allow transgender students access to any sex-segregated facilities or organizations. The law goes into effect Jan. 1, and will affect some 6.2 million students from kindergarten to 12th grade. Starting next year, surprised boys and girls might flinch at the sight of the opposite gender standing in line to use the same restroom.

Although I believe the state passed the bill with the good intent of attempting to put a stop to the  segregation of transgender students, this law will not benefit them nor anyone else. Out of concern for a minority group that constitutes less than two percent of the population, the state has chosen to trample on the rights of the remaining 98. Essentially, the law is an invasion of privacy for all.

AB 1266 clearly states that it will allow transgender students access to any gender divided facilities or organizations. This includes athletic teams, restrooms, locker rooms, and even showers. Supporters of this law argue that the common fear of allowing separate genders to change in the same area is absurd. If schools allow females and males to change in the same locker room, students will be under constant jeopardy—especially girls. There is a high possibility that one might fake a transgender identity and enter facilities exclusive for the opposite gender just for a sneak peek, although students would have to go through a tedious process to do so.

Supporters contend that Los Angeles and San Francisco schools have had transgender policies for ages and have not experienced any major problems. However, a major problem has already occurred. Horrified at the prospect of having their children in sex-affiliated facilities with the opposite sex, many parents have pulled their kids out of school and enrolled them in homeschool. This is likely to negatively impact school funding.

In every angle you scrutinize AB 1266, I can only foresee disaster. The California-spearheaded law claims that it is a step against discrimination. Yet, by signing the bill, Brown forced a ridiculous mandate into the throats of the majority to accommodate to the needs of a minority. Simply put, AB 1266 invades the comfort zone of millions of Californians, parents and students alike, for a mere handful of their sexually disorganized pupils. I can only hope that the petition against this horrifying law pulls through.

And to my dear politicians, before you consider passing a law, should you not consider what you may be inflicting on the people you claim to support? The fact that this law was passed proves that even supporters of transgender students are unconsciously discriminating against them. How ironic.

Transgender students do not need special attention. I believe that they see themselves as any other kid on the block. Assuming that transgender students require such radical change of traditional social structure in order to be comfortable is unreasonable.

AB 1266 should have never been passed. I strongly advise that we Californians buckle our seatbelts tight as we anticipate the chaos, endless dispute, sexual offense and harassment this law may bring upon us.