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Care for a Scare?

It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is inching closer and closer, so be prepared to scream, laugh and hide under your covers. Now, I’m sure most of you are probably asking yourself what horror movies you should watch this upcoming Halloween. Well no need to worry. I’ve categorized a few horror movies that will have you screaming for more!

“The Pee in Your Pants one”

Daunting and frightening, “The Woman in Black” is the kind of movie that will have you lying awake at night for weeks or maybe even months. I watched this movie a year ago, and it still lurks in the back of my mind. Everything about this movie is creepy, from the scenery and setting to the ominous characters. It takes place in the Victorian era of England, which gives the film a very authentic and haunting demeanor. Daniel Radcliffe portrays a young lawyer who travels into a secluded village where a terrifying ghost haunts children and takes their lives. “The Woman in Black” is full of spontaneous scenes that jump out towards the audience, so if you’re unprepared you may just wet yourself. It’s a fun film to enjoy with friends and includes an unpredictable plot that will keep you guessing every minute.

 “The Cheesy One”

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“Poltergeist” is definitely a fun take on the cheesy, horror movie genre. The movie was filmed back in the 1980s, so it’s no wonder the effects are extremely corny. Nonetheless, it’s still a great movie. The film centers on the Freeling family, who begins to experience unusual hauntings around their home. At first it seems like the typical paranormal movie where furniture moves by itself, but believe me, things get weirder and much funnier. The cheesy jokes and corny effects will have you laughing throughout the whole film. “Poltergeist” is silly, yet still manages to be creepy and frightening. The gripping story line will leave you on the edge of your seat, eyes wide open and laughing uncontrollably.

 “The Too Close to Reality One”

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, “Misery” is a timeless, hair-raising movie that finds horror in everyday life situations. It has an unpredictable story line and is a more realistic horror film to watch since it lacks the usual ghosts, witches, and other supernatural creatures. The movie takes place in the snowy mountains where a talented writer, Paul Sheldon is injured in a car accident and rescued by a woman, who has a dark, secret past. The woman nurses Paul back to health, but after things spiral out of control, Paul must find a way to escape captivity or he may never come out alive. Known for its frightening scenes, “Misery” is a tense and terrifying thriller that leaves you with disturbing, unanswered questions.

If this eclectic range of horror movies aren’t already a part of your Halloween tradition, it should definitely become one. Grab a friend, microwave some popcorn, and be prepared for bloodcurdling sensation that awaits you. And don’t forget to have a Happy Halloween!

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