Athlete of the Month:Brooke Miller


image005Hard work, determination, and passion. These three qualities are the driving force behind the golfing life of senior captain Brooke Miller. Miller’s love for golf propelled her through a journey that began with little knowledge of the game, and ended with her as a girls golf varsity captain, leading her team to success.

Miller’s life revolves around sports. She played softball for eight years before grabbing a golf club the spring of her eighth grade year. Inspired by her mother, who has played golf since the age of eight, Miller ultimately chose golf over softball and went on to play on a daily basis.

From there on out, Miller dedicated an enormous amount of hard work into golf and worked her way up to become the outstanding player she is today. She practices golf two to seven hours each day to make up for her delayed start in the sport.

“I started kind of late in comparison with most golfers who start when they’re five or six, or ten. I really had to commit [to the sport] and work hard and I’ve enjoyed it. I love working hard. I love golf. I love being out there every day,” Miller said.

Although Miller’s work ethics greatly contributed to her success, she owes a lot of what she achieved today to her previous captains. “I’ve had great captains to look up to over the last three years and they’ve taught me to work hard and to help my teammates get better.” Miller said.

Teamwork is a quality that certainly helped the Lady Brahmas dominate their league for many years. Miller believes that their team is built on pushing each other to improve. Therefore, she finds it important to use her knowledge and past experiences with golf to help the younger members of the team learn and progress.

“Your experiences and you as a person are different [from others] and using those differences to bring us together has been very positive for the team,” Miller said.

Golf is not the only thing that Miller enjoys. As an ambitious person, she has high goals that include majoring in literature after being inspired by her past Honors and AP English classes. She also occasionally writes for the Bull’s Eye. Miller helps tutor children after school and really enjoys the experience of working with kids.

With so many interests, Miller acknowledges that it can be tough finding a balance between DB’s rigorous academic life and the activities she loves. Yet, Miller’s determination for improving both her skills and herself as a person truly makes her a perfect example of an outstanding Brahma athlete. CIF Individuals is right around the corner and Miller hopes to make it to the next round.