Athlete of the Month: Tyler Brown

Captain of the football team, senior running back Tyler Brown is no average football player. Brown has been on the varsity football team since his sophomore year and has continually led the Brahmas to success.

Brown’s father was also a football player. Ron Brown was a former Los Angeles Rams and Raiders wide receiver. Introduced to football by his father at the age of eight, Brown has been playing ever since.

Although the height of most football players is around 5’11, Brown is an impressive player on his own right despite being 5-8. His feats as the starting corner back and running back have made many consider him as one of the best players of the Hacienda League. He’s won many awards, which include last year’s Offensive MVP and a spot on the Hacienda All-League’s First Team Offense. He ranks fourth in rushing yards in the league before the Branding Iron game.

“I liked football and my dad introduced me to it. It’s my type of sport,” Brown said.

Brown’s favorite aspects of the sport is the team dynamic of football. He, starting off in freshman football, quickly moved up the ranks. Skipping junior varsity and heading straight to varsity in his sophomore year, Brown eventually became captain.

Being in football also has many perks for him, as he has received a scholarship to play for the Northern Arizona University Lumberjacks. Brown plans to continue playing football in the college level. He hopes to get into the NFL, but has not made exact and specific decisions in regards to his future.

When the 5’8 running back plays on the field, three motivations help him get going. These motivations established him as an example for others, showing his opponents that he is a player to watch out for on the field. When football is in season, he practices two hours a day. During the summer, he practices all the time, in his free time and spending many hours on the football field. When he practices, Brown strives to work his hardest and become an even better player.

Balancing school and sports together is no simple task. Brown admits that time management is difficult with his schedule. Maintaining good grades while competing in a sport is no easy task. However, he had been able to manage his schedule. His determination to succeed helps balance his schoolwork and athletics together.

In addition, during his free time, he plays basketball for fun. He states that being naturally fast is one of the things that help him in sports.

Despite the setbacks the varsity football team has endured, Brown hopes to reach the CIF playoffs with the hard work he put in.