An Appetite for Autumn

Michelle Ki and Bernard Chen

Chocolate Chai Latte


image001The Chocolate Chai Tea Latte was a drink I was hesitant to try because Starbuck’s isn’t known to have ideal prices; I didn’t want to spend my money on something I didn’t enjoy.

Straight up, the flavor itself was definitely not my cup of tea, but as I kept on drinking, I couldn’t stop. There was something about the tea that kept me sipping. As weird as it sounds, the drink is sweet yet spicy, and also chocolaty but bland. It is the perfect combination, in my opinion, between chocolate, chai, and tea. Right when I thought the drink was getting to sweet for me, I had a sudden change of mind because it started tasting spicy.

The beverage is somewhat of a thinner, spicier version of hot chocolate, but it still manages to have the same richness and creaminess of the full chocolate drink. You can eventually taste all the ingredients in the drink, but it just doesn’t hit you instantly like any others would and it is what captured my attention the most.

Although the Chocolate Chai Tea Latte is a highly overpriced, at $3.65, and decadent treat, I definitely suggest you head over to your local Starbucks and try this. It is worth every penny and calorie, and it is only available for a limited time. The combination of warm spices, black tea and chocolate, is definitely first on my list, especially on a chilly day!





Panera Steak Arugula Sandwich and Autumn Squash Soup


Nobody wants to try the cliché foods that appear on the menus of nearly all popular restaurants each season. That is what Panera Bread is here for, to introduce new (and traditional) foods that are both innovative and enjoyable—this Fall brings the addition of the Steak Arugula Sandwich and Autumn Squash Soup.

The Steak Arugula Sandwich is an item on the menu that many will love. The sandwich consists of a plant called Arugula and cold steak mixed with pepper, mayonnaise, tomato, and cheese—a near-perfect combination. The squash soup, on the other hand, is served hot and consists of a blend of squash, pumpkin, and other spices

A cold sandwich may not be many people’s favorite, but the Steak Arugula Sandwich is made to please. The lightly sprinkled steak packs a punch of flavor in your mouth. It’s not an unhealthy option either. As I took my first bite out of the sandwich, the sensation was almost too good to describe. The bread was crispy and the steak had a hint of pepper which made it all the better. I ravenously ate the rest and immediately concluded that it was the best sandwich that I have ever eaten.

The soup is a warm and wonderfully made cup of delight. The perfectly engineered flavor will blow you away and is a great companion to the cold sandwich. The soup was extremely thick and tasted of creamy squash with some pumpkin flavor in it.  Now, I’m not a big fan of squash, but I found the soup to be really tasty, so even if you aren’t an avid eater of vegetables, don’t hesitate to order the Autumn Squash Soup

For the Fall season, Panera Bread offers many new and different food choices and I have to say, they are savory. Although the portions are slightly small for the price of $8.90, the sandwich and soup will be an explosion of “delicious-ness” for your taste buds.