Students come home after a successful Shadow Showdown

From the exotic venue to the exciting activities, the Shadow Showdown Homecoming Dance was an event students will never forget. The dance is still receiving positive comments from both students and administration members on campus.

United Student Body Commissioners of Special Projects, seniors Catherine Palanca and Danielle Foley, were praised for successfully planning the dance. “The girls did wonderfully. They started planning last spring and were very detail-oriented. Their hard work was evident in the high number of ticket sales,” Activities Director Chelsea Grunseth said.

Students voiced their opinions in regards to the downsides of the event as well.

“The music was okay. I mean, what can you expect at a school dance but music like that?  I prefer slower and better songs,” sophomore Peter Kang said.

The tightly packed venue appeared to be an inconvenience as well.

“The place was really cool and I liked the different things we could do, but it was really small and extremely hot. The place felt so crowded, but I still had a good time,” junior Abigail Jo commented. More than 900 people attended, making the moderately sized venue seem cramped.

The event included miscellaneous activities that students enjoyed throughout the night. There was a flip book station, an origami making station set up by the DBHS origami club, a picture booth, and a spray tattoo artist. “I really enjoyed the dance. It was such a great time and experience, and I’m really glad I went. My first Homecoming couldn’t have been better,” freshman princess Julia Chen stated.

Many students were disappointed when the photo booth closed down at 8:30 p.m. even though the dance itself ended at 11 p.m.

“I was waiting in line for the photo booth, but they closed at around 8:30, which wasn’t cool,” sophomore Michael Moon said. Nevertheless, a majority of the attendees communicated their enthusiasm regarding the activities.

Grunseth commented, “School dances boost school spirit and get students involved. They are an integral part of the high school experience because those are the memories you take with you when you leave.”